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EML Webinar

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  • Mark your calendar: every Wednesday at 9:30 am Boston, 2:30 pm London, 3:30 Paris, 10:30 pm Beijing.
  • Join live webinars in two ways: Zoom (for attending the lecture and participating in the discussion) or YouTube Live Stream.
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Extreme Mechanics Letters (EML) seeks to publish research of immediacy, depth, and originality. Through in-depth lectures and extensive discussions, EML Webinars shed light on the forefront of research, as well as the formative years of researchers. To read is human, to watch divine - engineering EML Webinar

Upcoming EML Webinars

16 December 2020, Dave Weitz, Harvard University. Snap, Speckle and Spot: Sight and Sound of Hydraulic Fracture Discussion Leader Jia Liu, Harvard University.


To be scheduled,  Nadia Lapusta, Caltech. Discussion leader: Colin Meyer, Dartmouth College


Past EML Webinars

9 December 2020, Jian Ping Gong, Hokkaido University. Self-Growing and Strengthening of Double Network Hydrogels by Mechanical TrainingDiscusion Leader: Rong Long, University of Colorado.

2 December 2020. MRS Meeting. No webinar. 

25 November 2020. Happy Thanksgiving! No webinar. 

18 November 2020, Vikram Deshpande, The University of Cambridge. Ballistic and blast response of structural materials: lessons from architecting materials. Discussion leader: Lihua Jin, UCLA

11 November 2020, Sulin Zhang, Pennsylvania State University, Mechanobiology: A Tale of Stressed Life. Discussion Leader: Teng Li, University of Maryland.

4 November 2020, Zhigang Suo, Harvard University. Topological adhesion, wet and elastic. Discussion leader: Jimmy Hsia, Nanyang Technological University

28 October 2020, Xiaojing Zheng, Lanzhou University. Multi-scale and Trans-scale Analysis in Particle-laden Turbulence, Discussion leader: Yujie Wei, Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

21 October 2020, Michael Mcalpine, University of Minnesota. 3D Printing Functional Materials and Devices. Discussion Leader: Seng Xu, UCSD.

14 October 2020, Special starting time: 9:30 am Boston time. Howard Stone, Princeton University; Manouk Abkarian and Simon Mendez, CNRS, France. Fluid dynamics of speech: Mechanisms underlying pathogen transmission

7 October 2020, Kaushik Bhattacharya, Caltech, Liquid crystal elastomers. Discussion leader: Shengqiang Cai, UCSD

30 September 2020, SES meeting. No EML Webinar

23 September 2020, Marc Geers, Eindhoven University of Technology. Multi-scale homogenization of materials with emergent macroscopic behaviour. Discussion leader: Laurence Brassart, Oxford University.

16 September 2020, Rob Shepherd, Cornell University. Optoelectronic Sensing of the Deformation of Soft Robots, and their Electrohydraulic PowerDiscussion leader: Jamie Paik, EPFL.

9 September 2020, Rob Ritchie, University of California, Berkeley. Damage-Tolerance in Engineering and Biological Materials.  Discussion Leader: Nanshu Lu, University of Texas at Austin.

2 September 2020, Costantino Creton, ESPCI Paris. Using light emission to report damage in soft materials. Can we be quantitative? Discussion leader: Tian Tang, University of Alberta. This webinar will begin with a short remembrance session of Mark Robbins. Mark was excited to be a panelist of this webinar... 

26 August 2020, Xi-Qiao Feng, Tsinghua University. Dynamics of Collective Cells Discussion leader: Wei Yang, Zhejiang University.

19 August 2020, Markus Buehler, MIT. The Mechanics of Biomateriomics, Discussion leader: Grace Gu, UC Berkeley.

12 August 2020, Ellen Kuhl, Data-driven modeling of COVID-19—Lessons learned, Stanford University. Discussion leader: Pradeep Sharma, University of Houston.

5 August 2020, Taher Saif, Living Robotics, University of Illinois. Discussion leader: Yuhang Hu, Georgia Institute of Technology.

29 July 2020, Teng Li, University of Maryland. Advanced Materials toward a Sustainable Future: Mechanics Design. Discussion leader: Zheng Jia, Zhejiang University.

22 July 2020, Yonggang Huang, Northwestern University. Relation between blood pressure and pulse wave velocity. Discussion leader: Vicky Nguyen, Johns Hopkins University.

15 July 2020, Pedro Reis, EPFL, Basile Audoly, École Polytechnique, Eitan Grinspun, University of Toronto. A trilogy of rods: mechanics, mathematics, and computer science. Discussion leader: John Maddocks, EPFL.

8 July 2020, Stephanie Lacour, EPFL. From engineering elasticity to neural implants for translational research, Discussion leader: Sigurd Wagner, Princeton University.

1 July 2020,  Chiara Daraio, The Mechanics of Robotic Matter, Caltech. Discussion leader: Teng Li, The University of Maryland.

24 June 2020, Michael Dickey, NC State University, Liquid metals at the extreme. Discussion leader: Hanqing Jiang, Arizona State University. EML Webinar Overview

17 June 2020, Ole Sigmund, Topology Optimization – Status and PerspectivesTechnical University of Denmark. Discussion leader: Sulin Zhang, Penn State University. Video: YouTube or Weibo. EML Webinar Overview.

10 June 2020, In observing #ShutDownSTEM, EML Webinar on June 10 is postponed to July 1. There will be no EML Webinar on June 10.

3 June 2020, Rob Wood, Harvard. The mechanical side of artificial intelligence. Discussion leader: Rob Howe, Harvard. Video: YouTube or Weibo.

27 May 2020, Norman Fleck, New Horizons in Microarchitectured Materials, The University of Cambridge. Discussion leader: Vikram Deshpande, The University of Cambridge. Panelists: Marc Geers, Ole Sigmund, Chris Spadaccini. YouTube or Weibo.

20 May 2020, Metin Sitti, Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems. Soft-bodied Magnetic Small-scale Mobile Robots. Discussion leader: John Rogers, Northwestern. Youtube or Weibo.

13 May 2020, Katia Bertoldi, Harvard. Multistable structures - from energy trapping to morphing. Discussion leader: Davide Bigoni, University of Trento. Video: Youtube or Weibo.

6 May 2020, Xuanhe Zhao, MIT, Extreme mechanics of soft materials for merging human-machine intelligence. Discussion leader: Dave Weitz, Harvard. Video: YouTube or Weibo. EML Webinar Overview

29 April 2020, Huajian Gao, Nanyang Technological University, Institute of High Performance Computing. Simulation-assisted discovery of membrane targeting nanomedicine. Discussion leader: Markus Buehler, MIT. Video: YouTube or WeiboEML Webinar Overview

22 April 2020, John A. Rogers, Northwestern University. Enabling Ideas in the Mechanics of Bio-Integrated Electronic Systems – From COVID-19 Patients to Engineered Mini-Brains. Discussion leader: Jimmy Hsia, NTU.  Video: YouTube or Weibo.

15 April 2020, John W. Hutchinson, Harvard University. New developments in shell stability. Discussion leader: Zhigang Suo, Harvard.  Video: YouTube or Weibo. EML Webinar Overview


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