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PhD positions in mechanics of metamaterials at the University of Minnesota

PhD positions are available at the University of Minnesota in the group of Prof. Stefano Gonella. The positions are in the general area of mechanics and physics of solids and structures, with emphasis on mechanical metamaterials. Topics of current interest are:

1) Topological metamaterials;

2) Nonlinear waves in metamaterials and architected solids;

3) Tunable and programmable metastructures.

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Riemannian and Euclidean Material Structures in Anelasticty

In this paper we discuss the mechanics of anelastic bodies with respect to a Riemannian and a Euclidean geometric structure on the material manifold. These two structures provide two equivalent sets of governing equations that correspond to the geometrical and classical approaches to nonlinear anelasticity. This paper provides a parallelism between the two approaches and explains how to go from one to the other. We work in the setting of the multiplicative decomposition of deformation gradient seen as a non-holonomic change of frame in the material manifold.

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Novelis and Georgia Tech Establish Novelis Innovation Hub

Atlanta-based Novelis Inc. and Georgia Tech have announced a new collaboration to establish the Novelis Innovation Hub at Georgia Tech. The company has committed $2.5 million to initiate research, faculty, student, and educational program support. The collaboration will promote basic and translational research, innovative business models, and related educational endeavors at Georgia Tech and will serve as a cross-functional hub connecting Novelis’ technical and business innovators with Georgia Tech’s students and faculty.


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Ph.D. positions in Mechanical Engineering at University of Connecticut (UCONN)

The lab of Wave Engineering for eXtreme and Intelligent matTEr (We-Xite) has multiple openings for Ph.D. positions. We are looking for exceptional and highly motivated candidates with background in Engineering, Physics, Materials or Mathematics. The research will have a balance between experimental characterizations (non-destructive evaluation of samples fabricated using additive and subtractive methods), numerical simulations (finite element modeling and topology optimization) and analytical derivations (nonlinear dynamics of spring-mass systems).

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Effects of solidification defects on nanoscale mechanical properties of rapid directionally solidified Al-Cu Alloy: A large scale molecular dynamics study

Directional solidification of Al-11 at % Cu is investigated by molecular dynamics (MD) simulations utilizing second nearest neighbor modified embedded atom method (2NN-MEAM) interatomic potential. The condition for directional solidification is produced by imposing dissimilar temperatures at the model boundaries along the [1 0 0] solidification direction to create a temperature gradient. During solidification, the solid-liquid front travels through the Al-Cu liquid along the [1 0 0] direction towards the high temperature end.

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Faculty Positions in Mechanical Engineering at Boston University

The Boston University Department of Mechanical Engineering anticipates two openings for tenure-track junior faculty positions, pending approval by the Provost. We welcome applications from all Emerging Areas of Mechanical Engineering, including, but not limited to: energy: sustainability and resource management; robotics and control: micro and nanoscale; and advanced materials: smart fabrics and textiles.

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Mean stress effect on Gaßner curves interpreted as shifted Wöhler curves

A criterion for the mean stress effect correction in the shift factor approach for variable amplitude life prediction is presented for both smooth and notched specimens. The criterion is applied to the simple idea proposed by the authors in a previous note that Gaßner curves can be interpreted as shifted Wöhler curves. The mean stress correction used has been proposed by Smith, Watson and Topper and, more in general, by Walker.

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Postdoc position in cardiovascular biomechanics


Tissue Mechanics Lab (TML) at the WHC Biomedical Engineering Department of the Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University has an immediate opening for a postdoc fellow position. Candidate who has a background in cardiovascular biomechanics, soft tissue biomechanics (experimental and computational) are highly encouraged to apply. The candidate with machine learning techniques is a plus. Please send your CV to Dr. Wei Sun at


Postdoc Position in flexible skins for morphing wings

A postdoc in the area of flexible skin for morphing wings is available at Khalifa University, UAE. 

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Ph.D. and postdoc positions in mechanics, materials, and flexible electronics

Two Ph.D. positions and one postdoc position are available in Wang Research lab ( in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Missouri, Columbia.

Ph.D. positions

Postdoctoral Position in Discrete/Continuum Simulations

I am seeking to hire a postdoc in the area of coupled discrete-continuum modeling. The position is expected to start on 11/01/2019. Applicants who have experience with Itasca software (specifically, FLAC and PFC) are strongly encouraged to apply.

Please pass this announcement along to anyone whom you think might be interested. I would be happy to answer questions from any potential applicants.

PhD Opportunities in Fluid Mechanics and Turbulence at George Mason University

A graduate research position is now available at George Mason University for research in fluid mechanics. 

We seek to modify turbulent flows by targeting drag reducing hairpin vortices using micro-particles carrying polymers.

Preference will be given to students with an M.S. in mechanical engineering or related fields (e.g. aerospace engineering, physics, mathematics).

A strong background in fluid mechanics, applied mathematics, and numerical methods is preferred. In addition, fluency in FORTRAN is highly desired.

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The effect of wear on ThermoElastic Instabilities (TEI) in bimaterial interfaces

There is ample evidence of ThermoElastic Instabilities (TEI) occurring in sliding contacts. The very first experiments of JR Barber in 1969 suggested wear interacts in the process of localization of contact into ”hot spots”. However, studies on the interaction of TEI with wear are scarce. We consider the case of two sliding halfspaces and make a perturbation analysis permitting the formation of waves migrating over the two bodies, in presence of wear. We find that for exactly identical bodies wear does not affect the stability boundary.

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A Discussion on Present Theories of Rubber Friction, with Particular Reference to Different Possible Choices of Arbitrary Roughness Cutoff Parameters

      Since the early study by Grosch in 1963 it has been known that rubber friction shows generally two maxima with respect to speed-the first one attributed to adhesion, and another at higher velocities attributed to viscoelastic losses.
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Postdoctoral Position in Computational Geomechanics at HKU

We have an opening for a postdoctoral position to conduct computational geomechanics research on landslides and debris flow. The researcher will be jointly supervised by Dr. Jinhyun Choo and Dr. Clarence E. Choi in the Department of Civil Engineering of The University of Hong Kong (HKU).

PhD Positions in Mechanical Engineering at NJIT for Spring or Fall 2020

There are two PhD positions at RAD Lab in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at New
Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT). The focus of the research will be on creating novel computational
and theoretical models for the dynamics of complex fluids with particular emphasis on particle-laden multiphase flows and biological flows of active matter in the living systems.

A 3D phase field dislocation dynamics model for body-centered cubic crystals

This is the preprint of an article that will appear in Computational Materials Science (

A 3D phase field dislocation dynamics model for body-centered cubic crystals

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Job position

Mechanical Engineering Instructor (Mechanics/Structural Dynamics)

Location:  University, MS, US, 38677

Department:  Mechanical Engineering (10000925)

Employee Designation:  Regular Full-time (Benefits Eligible)


Position Description 

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One Ph.D. position (2020 Fall) in Mechanical Engineering at North Carolina State University

One fully funded Ph.D. position Starting 2020 Fall in YIN group at NCSU

The research program will focus on soft robotics and mechanical metamaterials. The research will involve a combination of experiments (3D printing, mechanical testing, materials synthesis, and fabrication etc), analytical modeling, and numerical simulation methods (mainly finite element method).

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New method to fabricate 3D curvy electronics

We report a manufacturing technology, called conformal additive stamp (CAS) printing and show that it can be used to reliably manufacture electronic devices with 3D shapes. Our CAS printing approach employs a pneumatically inflated elastomeric balloon as a conformal stamping medium to pick up pre-fabricated electronic devices and print them onto 3D surfaces to create devices with curvy shapes including electrically small antennas, hemispherical solar cells and smart contact lenses.


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