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Immediate PhD Position in Computational Engineering at the University at Buffalo for Fall/Spring 2020

An immediate Ph.D. position is available in the Predictive Computational Engineering (PCE) Lab in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. The research project aims at developing novel computational methods for predictive modeling and uncertainty quantification of biomimetic-inspired materials systems. Candidate should already be in the U.S. and must have a Master's degree in engineering or applied math. A strong background in computational and applied mechanics is desired.

Postdoctoral positions in computational atomistic modeling

Two postdoctoral positions are available in the laboratory of physical metallurgy in CEA Saclay (France) for two years starting this Fall 2020 to work either on the thermodynamic modeling of Ti-Zr-O alloys using ab initio calculations, or on the interaction between dislocations and precipitates in Zr-Nb alloys using molecular dynamics.

1) Modeling of Ti-Zr-O thermodynamics from ab initio calculations

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Interfacial Dissipative Phenomena in Tribomechanical Systems

Dear Colleagues,

In the last twenty years, tribology and nonlinear dynamics have included several major contributions related to key topics such as rough contact, friction, damping mechanisms, and dynamical behaviour of nonlinear systems, which are paving the way for future engineering challenges. The two fields are largely intertwined as, among the others, contact nonlinearities are almost omnipresent in any technical application ranging from the development of NEMS/MEMS to bioengineering, automotive, civil/mechanical industry, and aerospace.

USACM Virtual Seminar by John Evans, UC Boulder

The USACM is happy to announce a virtual seminar this week on Thursday, June 25th at 3pm Eastern.  The title of the seminar is "Data-Driven Turbulence Modeling and Simulation: From RANS to LES".  An abstract of the talk is available here:

We have a number of seats available to anyone interested.  We just ask attendees to register at this page:

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Postdoc position in nanomaterial simulation

A postdoc position is available in the area of computational polymeric nanomaterials in Dr. Jihong Ma's group ( the University of Vermont starting September or October 2020. This project will involve close collaboration with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL).

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EML Webinar by Prof. Michael Dickey on June 24, 2020: Liquid metals at the extreme

EML Webinar on June 24, 2020 will be given by Prof. Michael Dickey, NC State University. Discussion leader: Hanqing Jiang, Arizona State University.

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PhD Position - Innovative metamaterials for vibration mitigation. Analysis and risk assessment of petrochemical tank farms. Dynamic analysis based on Gaussian process regression - Deadline for application: 23/07/2020

We are looking for strongly motivated PhD candidates that are interested to work on the following topic at the University of Trento (Italy): 

Innovative metamaterials for vibration mitigation. Analysis and risk assessment of petrochemical tank farms.  Dynamic analysis based on Gaussian process regression (see attachment for more information)

Interested candidates can apply at the following link

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Freeze casting of novel materials

Freeze casting presents exciting new avenues towards high performance materials with aligned pore structures.

Bone scaffolds, highly elastic composites and nacre mimetic materials can all be produced by means of freeze casting methods. 

This comprehensive review presents recent development in terms of materials and processing



Looking for Head -Marketing and Communication for MNC in Pune

Today, I received this email from some one at Neptune consultants in Pune [^], through [^].

PhD vacancy (3 years) on mechanical testing of recyclable vitrimer composites

Vitrimers are a groundbreaking development in polymer chemistry. This new class of polymers is neither thermoset, nor thermoplastic, but inherits properties from both polymer classes. Vitrimers were "invented" by Prof. Leibler in Paris in 2011 (

PhD/postdoc vacancy (4 years) on Ultrasonic assessment of the structural health of Lined Pipelines transporting heavy acids

Transportation of heavy acidic fluids is often done with specifically designed lined pipelines. The pipelines typically have an outer steel wall (thickness ~15 mm) and an inner ceramic coating (thickness ~1 mm). The proper functioning of such lined pipelines is almost exclusively determined by the inner ceramic coating. In case there would be a leak in the ceramic coating, the acidic fluid will corrode through the outer steel wall in a matter of hours, leading to a full shutdown of the industrial plant.

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New PhD Positions

We have two new PhD positions to work on Mechanics and Manufacturing/characterization of nanomaterials and nanocomposites with starting dates of Fall 2020 or Spring 2021. A stipend, full tuition and health insurance will be provided.

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Thermodynamics 2.0

Thermodynamics 2.0 Conference [online] has waived the registration fee.

The conference is about Thermodynamics in relation to other disciplines including Mechanics.

My talk on Wednesday at noon is about the Unification of Mechanics and Thermodynamics.


2020 SES Technical Meeting to be held online Sept 29-Oct 1

The SES Annual Technical Meeting will be held virtually this year to ensure the safety of the meeting participants. We look forward to providing a creative platform for you to share your work and exchange ideas! The 2020 Virtual Technical Meeting will be held Sept 29-Oct 1. More info to come! We will also post updates to our website, and to Twitter @SocEngScience .

PhD openings at the University of Salento, Lecce

Several PhD openings at the University of Salento, Lecce, Italy.

Research topics includes (PhD in Engineering of complex systems, see attachment F, and Material, Structure and Nanotechnology engineering, see attachment E):

- Soft robotics and microbots

- Tribology of smart materials

- Polymers friction

- Tribology of tissue/machine interfaces

- Wearable and implantable nanotechnological devices

- Water-fog harvesting

- Augmented tactile friction

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Postdoc position in granular mechanics and discrete element modeling (position filled)

A postdoc position is available in the area of granular mechanics and discrete element modeling (DEM) of biomass particles in support of a multidisciplinary research project between Clemson University and the Department of Energy’s Idaho National Laboratory (INL). 

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RSE Position, Extreme-scale simulation of composite inelastic media, CU Boulder

CU Boulder's PSAAP Multidisciplinary Simulation Center has an opening for a Research Software Engineer to co-lead development of robust, extensible open source software for extreme-scale simulation of large-deformation composite poro-elasto-visco-plastic media across a broad range of regimes with experimental validation and coordination with micromorphic multiscale models.

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Four (4) PhD positions in AI @ TU Delft

Hiring four (4) new PhD students to join us at MACHINA: the new TUDelft AI lab that I am leading.


Each position is unique and has different co-advisors. Pick wisely ;)


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Hard-magnetic Elastica

Stroke is #1 cause of long-term disability and #4 cause of death in the US. Most of the patients are not treated in time due to unavailability of professional neurosurgeons on site. We have developed a ferromagnetic soft continuum robot for tele-operated and autonomous navigation and treatment of strokes. The foundation is the hard-magnetic elastica theory which offers a fast and accurate prediction of the large deformation of the ferromagnetic soft continuum robot.

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Revisiting Nucleation in the Phase-Field Approach to Brittle Fracture

Twenty years in since their introduction, it is now plain that the regularized formulations dubbed as phase-field of the variational theory of brittle fracture of Francfort and Marigo (1998) provide a powerful macroscopic theory to describe and predict the propagation of cracks in linear elastic brittle materials under arbitrary quasistatic loading conditions. Over the past ten years, the ability of the phase-field approach to also possibly describe and predict crack nucleation has been under intense investigation.


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