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Preliminary observations on coupled dislocation and fracture mechanics at finite strain

This paper is dedicated to Professor Nasr Ghoniem on the occasion of his retirement.

(To appear in Journal of Materials Science: Materials Theory)


A continuum mechanical model of coupled dislocation based plasticity and fracture at finite deformation is proposed. Motivating questions and target applications of the model are sketched.

Two PhD Positions in Applied Mechanics at UMass Lowell

We have two openings for PhD studies at University of Massachusetts, Lowell, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering.

Ph.D. Opportunity in Blast-Related Brain Injury Research

Are you passionate about advancing our understanding of blast-related brain injury and its underlying mechanisms? Join our dynamic research team and contribute to groundbreaking discoveries in this critical field.


Research Focus:

We are seeking motivated candidates to explore the complex mechanisms underlying blastrelated brain injuries.

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Call for abstract submission to SES 2024: MS 10.4 Mechanics of Materials in Extreme Environments

Dear colleagues, 

The  2024 Society of Engineering Science Technical Meeting to be held at WestLake University, HangZhou, China, August 20-23. On behalf of my colleagues below, I invite you to consider submitting an abstract to the MS 10.4 Mechanics of Materials in Extreme Environments. Below is a description of this MS. 


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Journal Club for March 2024: Unveiling Spatiotemporal Deformation and Dynamics of Soft Materials at Extremely High Rates through Laser-Induced Inertial Cavitation

Journal Club for March 2024: 


Unveiling Spatiotemporal Deformation and Dynamics of Soft Materials at Extremely High Rates through Laser-Induced Inertial Cavitation


Jin Yang*


Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics,

The University of Texas at Austin

*Corresponding author. Email address:


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Cross-cutting Program Director Vacancy in the Mechanics and Engineering Materials (MEM) Cluster at the US National Science Foundation (NSF)

Dear Mechanics Colleagues, Peers, Principal Investigators, and Community Members,

Here is a tremendous opportunity to positively impact the field of mechanics for years to come in the USA. The Division of Civil, Mechanical and Manufacturing Innovation (CMMI) in the Directorate for Engineering at the US National Science Foundation (NSF) seeks to fill a Program Director position in the Mechanics and Engineering Materials (MEM) Cluster.

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Monsieur Pineau, as I remember him

I am deeply saddened by the passing of Andre Pineau in Paris yesterday. I happened to be one of ~100 PhD students he graduated over the course of his career.

Multiple Open PhD Positions at Georgia Tech / Prof Christos E. Athanasiou

We are hiring ! 


We are on the lookout for PhD students with a background in either experimental or computational mechanics, materials engineering, bioengineering, or applied physics to work on forward-looking projects funded by NSF and instustry partners at the intersection of mechanics & sustainability.

Keywords: Mechanics, Optics, Machine Learning, Bioengineering, Sustainablity

More info:

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Postdoctoral position on experimental mechanics at University of Colorado Boulder

A postdoctoral position is available immediately to work on a DARPA funded project as a member of the research groups of Prof. Francisco Lopez Jimenez and Prof. David Marshall, at the University of Colorado Boulder. The focus of the project is the development of a novel experimental protocol to accelerate the time required to characterize new metal alloys. The research will be primarily experimental, with close collaboration with researchers at Teledyne Scientific Company, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and University of Miami.

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USACM Nano-Scale TTA Webinar by Prof. Gideon Simpson


Join Zoom Meeting: ( Meeting ID: 845 4127 4013/Passcode: 799065)


Date/Time: February 28; 2-3pm CST

Speaker: Gideon Simpson, Drexel University

Discussant: Petr Plechac, University of Delaware


Title: Learning dynamics with random Fourier features

PhD position at LSU under Prof. George Z. Voyiadjis in Fall 2024 or Spring 2025

A fully funded PhD position is available at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of Louisiana State University. The position will be focused on material characterization and modeling of metals under the supervision of Dr. George Z. Voyiadjis. Please refer to the attachment for details.

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Materials Informatics Scientist at Freudenberg Group

Job Summary 


Serve as the Freudenberg Group's subject matter expert in generative AI and physics-informed machine learning for product, formulation, material/process discovery and design. Responsible to develop advanced data-driven and physics-based models and interface the two to guide and accelerate the development of products, materials and processes for sustainable solutions and new mobility applications. 


Postdoc at SJTU: Dynamics of smart materials and structures

Postdoctoral positions are open in Qu’s group at the School of Mechanical Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Those having (about to get) a PhD degree in the areas of solid/fluid mechanics, fluid-structure dynamics, smart material engineering, metamaterials are welcome to apply.

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Open PhD position in sea level rise resiliency

A #PhD open position is available in our group to work on a pavement flood resiliency project.

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Postdoctoral Researcher in the Mechanics & Tribology of Triboelectric Nanogenerators (University of Glasgow, UK)

The James Watt School of Engineering is looking for a postdoctoral researcher to contribute to/make a leading contribution to a large international EPSRC funded project looking at the physics and mechanics of triboelectric nanogenerators (or TENGs).  This position will focus on the mechanics and tribology of TENGs and will involve both experimental & modelling work. Of particular interest is modelling and experimental analysis aimed at understanding, predicting and optimising the contact area and charge transfer at triboelectric interfaces.

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Tenure Track Position - Mechanical Engineering for health applications

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at the State University of New York at Binghamton invites applications for a tenure-track faculty position at the assistant professor level beginning in Fall 2024. The department is interested in applying fundamental engineering principles in health applications. Areas of interest include but are not limited to

PhD Position on Dynamics of Mechanical Metamaterials at Boundaries and Interfaces

We have an opening for PhD student at University of Massachusetts, Lowell, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. The focus of the research is 

(a) to develop analyltical and computational tools to model the wave interaction and scattering at the interfaces between micro-structured media and homogeneous domain, 

(b) to evalulate the proposed models experimentally using additively (or otherwised) manufacutres specimens, and

Postdoctoral Researcher position in the field of experimental ice mechanics

Understanding how ice fractures has fundamental importance in arctic marine technology and geophysics. The fracture processes of interest include fragmentation of sea ice against polar ships, ice sheets broken by ocean waves, leads forming in sea ice, and formation of crevasses in glaciers. The importance of ice fracture research is enhanced by global warming, which is both increasing the fragmentation and changing the mechanical properties of ice. Warm ice is different that cold ice.

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Scaling-invariance of some bending strain measures

The mid-surface scaling invariance of bending strain measures proposed in [1] is discussed in light of the work of [3].


HE-MSCA PhD Position in Simulation for Geosciences

This project is framed within the MSCA EarthSafe Doctoral Network.

 We need candidates with a strong background in Numerical Methods and Continuum Mechanics.

Thermo-chemical-mechanical interactions of fluid phases and solid rocks control magmatic and hydrothermal processes of tectonic, biological and economic significance. However, our capacity to model these processes and the non-linear feedbacks in the system that ultimately control the formation mineral deposits is still rudimentary. 

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Call for Abstract Submission to CMBE24, Arlington, USA - Submit by 15th March 2024

Dear colleagues,

We are reaching out to remind you that abstract submission for the 8th International Conference on Computational and Mathematical Biomedical Engineering (CMBE24) is now open. CMBE24 provides a unique platform for researchers, academics, and industry professionals to share their latest findings and innovations in Computational and Mathematical Biomedical Engineering.

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Immediate PhD Position—Composites


Brief. One full-time PhD position on "Composite sandwich panels with auxetic cores" is available (AuxeticsLab). The theme can be shaped around numerical modelling and/or machine learning.

Minimum Requirements. High GPA is mandatory and a track record of high quality relevant publications is preferred. For immediate application, a valid English test score is mandatory. 

Critical note. Studnets from sanctioned countries cannot apply.


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