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Postdoc position at the University at Buffalo – SUNY (Elastic Metamaterials)

The Sound and Vibrations Lab (, directed by Prof. Mostafa Nouh at the University at Buffalo – SUNY, has an opening for a postdoc position in the areas of phononics and elastic metamaterials. The position is supported by an NSF project whose main objective is to investigate the mechanics of space-time-periodic material systems operating within asymmetric, nonreciprocal, non-Hermitian, and/or frequency-selective regimes.

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Journal Club for Apr 2022: On-Body Mechano-Acoustics

On-Body Mechano-Acoustics

Xiaoyue Ni
Assistant Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science
Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics
Duke University


1. Introduction

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PhD openings in Experiment and Multiscale Modeling at Baylor University

Multiple fully funded PhD positions are available as early as Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 in Dr. Ning Zhang’s research group in the Mechanical Engineering department at Baylor University. The research work will focus on exploring and designing novel, green and advanced materials through experimental synthesis and characterization, as well as multiscale modeling.

The research topics include:

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MMM10 (2-7 October 2022, Baltimore) Symposium #13: Mechanics and Physics of Material Failure

Dear Colleagues,
The 10th International Conference on Multiscale Materials Modeling (MMM 10) will be held during 2-7 October 2022 at the Renaissance Harborplace Hotel, in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

We are organizing a symposium on the Mechanics and Physics of Material Failure (Symposium #13).

Postdoc Position -- Univ. of Pittsburgh

The Shankar Research Group ( at the University of Pittsburgh anticipates an opening for a postdoctoral associate starting September 2022. The position’s primary area of research will focus on 3D printing with liquid crystal elastomers and cholesteric liquid crystal polymers. A background in synthesis of liquid crystalline polymers, photoalignment techniques and polymer characterization is required.


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2022 Tribology Gordon Research Conference is on!

Dear Colleagues: The Gordon Research Conference on Tribology will happen this summer, from June 26 - July 1, 2022 at Bates College, Lewiston ME. This is the premier meeting in tribology, and an exciting, interdisciplinary program has been formulated. A pre-conference Gordon Research Seminar for young researchers will be held on June 25-26 at the same site. 

For more information, see:

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10th International Conference on Multiscale Materials Modeling - Symposium on Architected Materials

Dear Colleagues,

Please consider submitting an abstract to the Symposium 15 "Modeling and Design of Architected Materials" at the 10th International Conference on Multiscale Materials Modeling that will take place in Baltimore in October 2-7, 2022.

The deadline for abstract submission is April 30.

This symposium will discuss the latest advances in computational design and modeling of architected materials.

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Fretting fatigue --- is there really an important effect of friction coefficient??

dear Colleagues

In writing a review of models on fretting fatigue, I am looking at the effect of friction coefficient.   Obviously, if friction is zero there is no fretting fatigue!   This goes without saying.

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Global Composites Experts Webinar by Dr. Francois Trochu

cdmHUB invites you to attend the Global Composites Experts Webinar Series. 

Title:  The Story of Permeability in “Liquid Composite Molding (LCM): How to Devise and Validate Process Simulation Software?

Speaker:  Dr. Francois Trochu, Polytechnique Montreal

Time: 4/14, 11AM-12PM EST.

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Postdoc position in 3D printing/bioprinting and experimental mechanics of smart materials

A postdoctoral position will be available at University of Pavia in Italy starting January 2023. The position will be part of an ERC Starting project. Interested candidates are encouraged to contact Dr Giulia Scalet (

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Residual short course at SEM conference

We will be teaching a short course on residual stress on June 12, 2022 at the SEM Experimental Mechanics conference in Pittsburgh. 

See below and (under PROGRAMS/COURSES) for details.

Residual stress short courses don't happen too often. The course should be appropriate for students, industrialists, and researchers. Hope you can make it. The proceeds all benefit SEM.


Residual Stress 101

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Discussion of fracture paper #33 The Interaction Integral

This blog concerns an interesting review of the interaction integral methodology. It deserves to be read by everyone dealing with analyses of cracks. If one's focus is on mathematical analysis or numerics is irrelevant. The review is for all of us. The review paper is, ”Interaction integral method for computation of crack parameters K–T – A review", by Hongjun Yu and Meinhard Kuna, Engineering Fracture Mechanics 249 (2021) 107722, p. 1-34.

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Expand the Web of Mechanics and Mechanicians on Twitter

Quite a few of mechnicians are active a Twitter. There we interact with one another, and with broad communities. Here are several mechanicians active on Twitter:

Markus Buehler, MIT

John Dolbow, Duke

Alain Goriely, Oxford

Grace Gu, Berkeley

Gareth McKinley, MIT

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Postdoc opening at UCLA

There is an immediate opening of a postdoctoral researcher in the Mechanics of Soft Materials Lab ( in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). The research will be on additive manufacturing of soft materials and soft machines. The successful candidate should have a PhD degree with expertise in experimental polymer materials.

Funded PhD positions in the area of additive manufacturing of metals and alloys

We have two PhD positions in the area of additive manufacturing of metals and alloys. We are looking for self-motivated and enthusiastic students with a degree in mechanical or materials engineering.

Students with following backgrounds are strongly recommended to apply:

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Postdoc position at Imperial College London on hydrogen assisted fracture

The Mechanics of Infrastructure Materials research group are looking to hire a Postdoctoral Research Associate (PDRA) to work in the prediction of hydrogen embrittlement using computational methods. The Research Associate will work under the supervision of Dr Emilio Martínez-Pañeda and the project is supported by TENARIS. 


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A comment on a hybrid asperity-Persson friction rubber theory by A Emami, S Khaleghian and S Taheri. Friction 9(6): 1707--1725 (2021)

dear collegues, I may be interested to share your views on an "asperity theory" modified Persson's rubber friction contact mechanics theory which I find not clearly motivated and seems to lead to erroneous conclusions ---- but I am also unable to reproduce the results claimed by the authors. The preprint is here, and the original paper attached:

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MSc/PhD/PostDoc position

Curious to explain Earth and Sea evolution?  Have a solid physical/mathematical/mechanical/computational background?

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Water as a “glue”: Elasticity-enhanced wet attachment of biomimetic microcup structures

Octopus, clingfish, and larva use soft cups to attach to surfaces under water. Recently, various bioinspired cups have been engineered. However, the mechanisms of their attachment and detachment remain elusive. Using a novel microcup, fabricated by two-photon lithography, coupled with in situ pressure sensor and observation cameras, we reveal the detailed nature of its attachment/detachment under water.

Postdoctoral Researcher -- Polymer Modeling for Soldier Protection (at the Univ. of Delaware Center for Composite Materials)

We are seeking a postdoctoral researcher to assist us developing strain-rate and structure dependent constitutive model for thermoplastic polymers (PE and TPU) and to understand their interaction mechanism with ceramics (SiC and B4C) for high velocity impact applications using MD simulations. Click here to apply:

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Funded PhD position in UK - Computational Modelling of Multiaxial Overloads

A fully funded PhD position in computational materials is available at Cranfield University (UK) to study the effects of multiaxial overloads on cracks. The candidate will develop substructure-sensitive crystal plasticity models validated at multiple scales to understand the local response at cracks. The position offers a dynamic research environment and the opportunity to work closely with researchers developing computational models and performing experiments.

Application deadline 25th April 2022.

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Hector Fellow Academy! Carry out your own PhD project!


Carry out your own PhD project!

in Deformation & Fracture Processes / Tribology / Interface in Metals & Ceramics

supervised by Prof. Peter Gumbsch (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)



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