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Wrinkles on Tori


Title: Non-uniform curvature and anisotropic deformation control wrinkling patterns on tori

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Curvature-driven morphing of non-Euclidean shells

Matteo Pezzulla, Norbert Stoop, Xin Jiang, Douglas P. Holmes, Proceedings of the Royal Society A, 473(2201), (2017).

Curvature effect on nitinol aortic stent

high i am a student doing a project on curvature effect on thoracic stent. I want to curve the nitinol stent in abaqus. I am using RSURFU and doing static analysis. But am not able to curve it. Also when using implicit dynamic analysis with quasi static apllication my KE is high and comparable to IE. So can any body help me. Crimping and expansion is not a problem.


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