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Is the Bouligand architecture tougher than regular cross-ply laminates? Adiscrete element method study, Pro and Barthelat, Extreme Mechanics Letters, 2020


With capturing the main mechanisms, it is revealed that the Bouligand structure outperforms the cross-ply (0°/90°) for any crack orientation, while the former is more isotropic in-plane in stiffness and toughness.

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SEM 2021: Shock & Blast - Abstract submission deadline extended to Nov. 9

Dear Colleagues, 


We would like to invite you to submit an abstract for the ‘Shock & Blast’ session under Track 1: Dynamic Behavior of Materials. This symposium is part of the 2021 SEM Annual Conference & Exposition on Experimental and Applied Mechanics (Virtual or Albuquerque, NM, USA, June 14-17, 2021).

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Phase field modelling of fracture and fatigue in Shape Memory Alloys

Dear iMechanicians. I hope that the following paper is of interest to you. We develop the first phase field formulation for fracture (and fatigue) in Shape Memory Alloys. Its potential is demonstrated by solving a variety of paradigmatic 2D and 3D boundary value problems, from R-curves to fatigue cracking of a NiTi biomedical stent.

M. Simoes, E. Martínez-Pañeda. Phase field modelling of fracture and fatigue in Shape Memory Alloys. Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 373 (2021) 113504

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a PostDoc opportunity in the field of earthquake simulations

The project aims at multiscale non-linear simulalations of earthquakes. The candidates should have a solid mechanical background (elasticity + plasticity (preferable)) and an experience in the computational mechanics. The candidates with a knowledge of flow in porous media or/and with an experience with Comsol multiphysics are especially encouraged to apply.

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A Postdoc Position in Multiscale Mechanics and Materials

An immediate postdoc position is open in Advanced Hierarchical Materials by Design Lab at the University of Alabama on multiscale modeling of materials and processes.


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EML Webinar on 4 November 2020 on Topological adhesion, wet and elastic by Zhigang Suo

EML Webinar on 4 November 2020 will be given by  Zhigang Suo, Harvard University. Discussion leader: Jimmy Hsia, Nanyang Technological University

Title: Topological adhesion, wet and elastic

Two funded PhD positions at the University of Western Ontario, Canada.


We have two funded PhD positions and we are looking for talented, self-motivated, and enthusiastic students with a BSc or MSc degree in mechanical or materials engineering. Students with strong background in crystal plasticity and computational mechanics are recommended to apply.


Invitation to attend Mr. Ran Tao PhD defense at COHMAS lab, KAUST.



Enhancing the bonding of CFRP adhesive bonding through laser-based surface preperation sterategies.


Microscopic and Long-wave instabilities in soft fiber composites

Dear Colleagues,

Our paper on elastic instabilities in soft fiber composites recently got published in International Journal of Engineering Science. In this paper, we explore how the stiffening behavior of composites phases influences the development of instabilities and associated buckling patterns. To do that, we use non-Gaussian hyperleastic  model to define the constitutive behavior of phases. 

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A finite element formuation for a direct approach to elastoplasticity in special Cosserat rods

A finite element formulation is presented for a direct approach to model elastoplastic deformation in slender bodies using the special Cosserat rod theory. The direct theory has additional plastic strain and hardening variables, which are functions of just the rod's arc-length, to account for plastic deformation of the rod. Furthermore, the theory assumes the existence of an effective yield function in terms of stress resultants, i.e., force and moment in the cross-section and cross-section averaged hardening parameters.

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Multiple PhD positions starting in 2021


We are looking for candidates to join the Utah Waves and Architected Materials Group . We have fully funded openings for undergrads, MS and PhD. 


Applicants with track record / experience / expertise / strong passion in ANY ONE of the following technical fields are especially valued:

·        Finite element simulations

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Two Post-Doc Positions, in Unified Mechanics Theory

Two Post-Doc Positions are available, Unified Mechanics Theory will be adopted for High Entropy Alloys.

Two Post-doctoral Researchers are sought to work on the H2020-SPACE project ATLAS (Advanced Design of High Entropy Alloys Based Materials for Space Propulsion)

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EML Webinar on October 28, 2020 on Multi-scale and Trans-scale Analysis in Particle-laden Turbulence

EML Webinar on 28 October 2020 will be given by Prof. Xiaojing Zheng, Lanzhou University. Discussion leader: Prof. Yujie Wei, Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Title: Multi-scale and Trans-scale Analysis in Particle-laden Turbulence

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Discussion of fracture paper #27 - Phase-field modelling of cracks and interfaces

Landau and Ginzburg formulated a theory that includes the free energy of phases, with the purpose to derive coupled PDEs describing the dynamics of phase transformations. Their model with focus on the phase transition process itself also found many other applications, not the least because many exact solutions can be obtained. During the last few decades, with focus on the bulk material rather than the phase transition, the theory has been used as a convenient tool in numerical analyses to keep track of cracks and other moving boundaries.

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EML Webinar on October 21, 2020: 3D Printing Functional Materials and Devices

EML Webinar on 21 October 2020 will be given by Michael Mcalpine, University of Minnesota. Discussion Leader: Sheng Xu, UCSD.

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Fully funded PhD positions available in Materials Science and Engineering at Tampere University, Finland

Fully funded, four year PhD positions in Materials Science and Engineering available at Tampere University, Finland.  

Application deadline: 29th Oct 2020 (apply as soon as possible!)

Refer: for more details and to apply for these positions.  

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Funded PhD position available at Penn State

Interested students can apply here . A multi-year fully funded PhD research assistantship in the Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics is available. The project focuses on in situ monitoring of microstructure variation and residual stress during the powder bed fusion additive manufacturing process.

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The Mechanochemistry Discussions

Dear iMechanical Community

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Utah Virtual Open House

The department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Utah is hosting a Virtual Open House for prospective graduate students and we'd love for you to attend!  We will be going over general program information, how to apply, and how to finance your degree. We’ll also have a faculty and student panel and virtual live lab tours!  This is a great opportunity for you to learn more about our program and see if it's a good fit for you! Register below (space is limited due to Zoom capabilities).


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