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PhD position in characterizing and modeling battery materials

One or two positions are available for a student to undertake a fully funded Ph.D. in Engineering at Louisiana Tech University understanding the detailed structure of the complicated heterogeneous materials in lithium ion batteries. Expected start date is Sept. or Nov. of 2021.


  • B.S. in Engineering (Chemistry or Physics backgrounds are also suitable).
  • Meet graduate school TOEFL/IELTS scores
  • Competitive GRE
  • An interest in multi-disciplinary research in materials


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Postdoctoral Position Available in United Arab Emirates within the Khalifa University Advanced Digital & Additive Manufacturing (ADAM) Center

A postdoctoral fellow research position is availabe immediately in the Advanced Digital & Additive Manufacturing (ADAM) center at Khalifa University in Abu Dhabi in United Arab Emirates. Applicants should demonstrate research capabilities in computational modeling and experimentation in the area of additive manufacturing (3D printing).

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Effects of Cleavage Plane and Material Strength on Fracture of Polycrystalline Brittle Materials: A Phase-Field Modeling Study

A modified phase-field model for fracture is presented which includes the material strength and cleavage planes to quantitatively predict the crack propagation path and the mechanical response in polycrystalline brittle materials. Computational Materials Science 197 (2021) 110642 (11 pages).

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Multiple Postdoc and PhD Open Positions in Polymer Modeling and Machine-Learning at University of Connecticut

Postdoc Open Positions

Postdoc positions with financial support (up to 3 years) are immediately available in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Connecticut (UConn).

Required Degree:

Ph.D. in Engineering Mechanics, Chemical, Mechanical, or Civil Engineering, Material Science, Condense Matter Physics, or Computational Chemistry.

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Jerry Ericksen 1924-2021

Dear colleagues,

I'm writing to bring to your notice the sad news that Prof. Jerry Ericksen of the University of Minnesota passed away on June 11th 2021.


Kaushik Dayal

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A postdoc opening at UCLA

There is an immediate opening of a postdoctoral researcher in the Mechanics of Soft Materials Lab ( in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). The research will be on experimental mechanics of soft materials, and fabrication of soft machines. The successful candidate should have a PhD degree with expertise in experimental polymer materials.

PhD position(s) in modeling of the interaction between phase transformations and plasticity

PhD position(s) is available for Spring 2022 in the Engineering Mechanics program in Aerospace Engineering Department at Iowa State University to perform theoretical and computational part of work on NSF-funded projects on the interaction between phase transformations and plasticity. Phase-field, micromechanical, and macroscale simulations using FEM are of interest, in close collaboration with high-pressure experiments performed in our lab. Please send vita to Prof. Valery Levitas ( )

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Critical thresholds for mode-coupling instability in viscoelastic sliding contacts

Mode-coupling instabilities are known to trigger self-excited vibrations in sliding contacts. Here, the conditions for mode-coupling (or "flutter") instability in the contact between a spherical oscillator and a moving viscoelastic substrate are studied. The work extends the classical 2-Degrees-Of-Freedom conveyor belt model and accounts for viscoelastic dissipation in the substrate, adhesive friction at the interface and non-linear normal contact stiffness as derived from numerical simulations based on a boundary element method capable of accounting for linear viscoelastic effects.

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18th European Mechanics of Materials Conference (EMMC18), Oxford, April 4-6 2022

Dear Colleagues,

The next edition of the European Mechanics of Materials Conference (EMMC18) will be held in Oxford, UK, on April 4-6, 2022:

EMMC18 is organised by the Department of Engineering Science of the University of Oxford, under the auspices of the European Mechanics Society, EUROMECH. The conference will take place in the Examinations Schools, in the heart of Oxford. 

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11th European Solid Mechanics Conference ESMC2022, Galway, Ireland, 4 - 8 July, 2022

We are delighted to announce the 11th European Solid Mechanics Conference that will be held at the National University of Ireland Galway, in the city of Galway, Ireland, 4 – 8 July, 2022. The conference website is: The conference is being held under the auspices of the European Mechanics Society (EUROMECH

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PhD Position - Computational Crystal Plasticity

The Advanced Computational Materials Engineering Laboratory (ACME Lab), in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at The University of Alabama is seeking qualified candidates for an open PhD position. This position is open to US citizens only.

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Ph.D. position in physics-informed machine learning for smart materials

Ondřej Rokoš, Vlado Menkovski, and Marc Geers (all from the Eindhoven University of Technology), together with Martin Doškář (Czech Technical University in Prague), are searching for a motivated Ph.D.

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Postdoc position at UC Irvine

The Nanoscale Mechanics and Materials Laboratory (NMML) at the University of California, Irvine is accepting applications for an open postdoctoral scholar position.  The research will focus on atomistic modeling of linear complexions, or nanoscale phases stabilized by the presence of dislocations.

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Postdoc positions at Stanford University (experimental)

Available postdoc positions within the Gu Group at Stanford Mechanical Engineering: 

  1. Nanostructured metallic glasses - Colloidal synthesis of metallic glass nanoparticles. Fabrication of nanostructured metallic glasses from nanoparticles. Characterization of mechanical, structural and thermodynamic properties using nanoindentation, micropillar testing, transmission electron microscopy and calorimetry. Analysis of deformation mechanisms and structure-property relationships within metallic glasses.


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One Ring to Bind Them...Two Rings to Rule Them

In this paper, we discuss two problems concerning scattering and localisation of flexural waves in structured elastic plates. Firstly, we compare the scattering amplitudes of waves in a thin plate, generated by a point source, due to a single mass and to a large number of smaller masses, having the same equivalent mass and located around a circle. We show that in the second case, the scattering can be reduced, in particular in the medium- and high-frequency regimes.

Theoretical and Applied Fracture Mechanics' live webinar by Prof. Ali Fatemi & Prof. Darrell Socie - Friday 4 June at 2.30 PM GMT (3.30 PM BST)

Esteemed Colleagues,

this post is to invite you all to attend the next free on-line global live TAFMech webinar on Fracture Mechanics-related topics that will take place this Friday (04/06) at 2.30 PM GMT (3.30 PM BST). The webinar’s details are as follows:


Þ Prof. Ali Fatemi – University of Memphis, USA

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Global Composites Experts Webinar by Dr. Nancy Sottos

dmHUB invites you to attend the Global Composites Experts Webinar Series. 

Title: Control of Reaction Fronts for Rapid Energy-Efficient Manufacturing of Multifunctional Polymers and Composites

Speaker: Dr.  Nancy R. Sottos

Time: 6/3, 11AM-12PM EST.

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MS/PhD positions U of Tennessee elastodynamic metamaterials & RTE (computational)

I have a few positions (funded by NSF, AFRL, and/or ARO) for MS or PhD (preferred) students at the University of Tennessee Space Institute (UTSI) and University of Tennessee Knoxville (UTK) in the following two topics:


1. Elastodynamic metamaterials: Characterization of dispersive constitutive equations and simulation of the material with overall properties in the time domain (TD), analysis of the effect of disorder and material nonlinearities (e.g. fracture) in their performance, etc.

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Journal Club for June 2021: Viscoelastic metamaterials

We discuss the state of the art and recent advances on the interplay between viscoelasticity and mechanical instabilities and metamaterials.

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Shear fracture in bulk metallic glass composites

In situ dendrite reinforced Bulk Metallic Glass matrix composites (BMGCs) are known to overcome poor ductility and fracture response exhibited by monolithic bulk metallic glasses (BMGs). In this paper (Shear fracture in bulk metallic glass composites) recently published by our group in Acta Materialia, we report mode I and mode II fracture experiments on the above in situ BMGCs containing transforming and non-transforming dendrites.

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Call for 6 Marie Curie Phd positions within the ITN project RE-FRACTURE2 (Deadline June 30, 2021)

6 PhD positions available within the RE-FRACTURE2 project:
1. Starting date: November 1, 2021
2. Where: Europe (Italy, Belgium, Serbia)
3. Description:

Announcing the SES (Virtual) Month in October 2021!

The Society of Engineering Science is pleased to announce the SES (Virtual) Month: Mechanics Matters. This event will be held over 5 days in October 2021 in a virtual format. All information will be updated on our website:  

Assistant Professor in Bio-based Nanostructured Materials at KTH, Stockholm, Sweden

KTH Royal Institute of Technology is looking for candidates for an Assistant Professor position in Solid Mechanics with a profile in Bio-based Nanostructured Materials.


Please, read the job description and apply if it meets your profile! We do not have a frontrunner and are in search of good applicants.


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