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Multiscale design of nonlinear materials using reduced-order modeling

Dear colleagues, 

We recently pablished a paper titled "Multiscale design of nonlinear materials using reduced-order modeling", which might be interesting to you. The paper is freely accessible by this link through 09/24/2022 on Elsiver, and an author's copy is here. The abstract is attached below. Thank you for your interest. 

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Rapid synchronized fabrication of vascularized thermosets and composites

Dear colleagues,

We are happy to share a recent collaborative study on experimental and numerical investigation of  rapid synchronized fabrication of vascularized thermosets and composites. This study demonstrated that a thermoset polymer or polymer composites with embedded microvascular systems can be fabricated in a single step, using a self-propagating polymerization reaction front.  For more details, please see:

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Frontal vs. bulk polymerization of fiber-reinforced polymer-matrix composites

Dear colleagues,

This paper on  comparison between frontal and bulk polymerization of polymer matrix compositres using a non-dimensional solver is published in Composite Science and Technology. If you would like to take a look, full paper is avaiable at the publisher and Researchgate.


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Ph.D. position in Computational Mechanics at the University of Wyoming

One or two funded Ph.D. positions are available in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Wyoming, with the earliest starting date in Fall 2019. The candidates will join the research group of Dr. Xiang Zhang (new faculty to join in Fall 2019) working in the general area of multiscale/multiphysics computational mechanics. Particularly, self-motivated individual interested in working in one or multiple of the following areas are strongly encouraged to apply:

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