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Postdoc position @ Brown [Experimental]

A postdoctoral researcher position is available in the School of Engineering at Brown University in Providence, RI, in the area of nancomposites of ceramics and carbon nanomaterials. A Ph.D. in Materials Science & Engineering or a related discipline is required. Experience in any combination of the following is desirable: synthesis/processing; characterization; nano-/micro-mechanical testing; and nano-/micro-mechanics modeling. This is jointly supervised by Profs. Nitin Padture and Brian W. Sheldon.



Machine Learning for Fracture Mechanics

Safer batteries, more efficient gas-turbine engines and solar cells, all require better-engineered nanocomposite materials. There is a limitation though -- how to investigate the fracture mechanics of these materials? Machine learning can help us overcome this limitation.

Interface engineering for nanocomposite toughness enhancements

Engineering ceramic/nanocomposite interfaces may lead to the development of ultra-tough ceramic nanocomposites. The novel processing method, as well as micromechanical interpretation of the above result, can be found here:

Christos E. Athanasiou

Faculty positions & job hunting

As a platform dedicated to the optimization of academic job searching is still missing in our community we could get inspired by collegues from the academic field of operations:

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