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Daedalus lab @ Georgia Tech Hiring Solid Mechanics Student

We are hiring ! 

Daedalus, our new research group at Georgia Institute of Technology, has an opening for a PhD student with background in solid/experimental mechanics to work towards developing high throughput fracture testing methods as well as mechanics of green structures. Starting date is Fall 2023. Applications of both experimental and computational backgrounds will be evaluated. 

Multiple tenure-track faculty positions @ GaTech Aerospace

Dear Colleagues: 

The School of Aerospace Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, invites applications for multiple tenure-track faculty positions. Applicants will be considered at all academic levels and any technical areas of relevance to aerospace systems, interpreted broadly.


More information on the position:

Why us:

PhD & Postdoc openings // Daedalus Group @ Georgia Tech

We are hiring ! 

Daedalus, our new research group at Georgia Institute of Technology, has openings for PhD students and postdocs to work towards developing materials & manufacturing methods for blue skies & beyond. Starting date for PhD students is Spring 2023, while the postdoc position is available as of Fall 2022. Applications of both experimental and computational backgrounds are very welcome! 

Postdoc position @ Brown [Experimental]

A postdoctoral researcher position is available in the School of Engineering at Brown University in Providence, RI, in the area of nancomposites of ceramics and carbon nanomaterials. A Ph.D. in Materials Science & Engineering or a related discipline is required. Experience in any combination of the following is desirable: synthesis/processing; characterization; nano-/micro-mechanical testing; and nano-/micro-mechanics modeling. This is jointly supervised by Profs. Nitin Padture and Brian W. Sheldon.



Machine Learning for Fracture Mechanics

Safer batteries, more efficient gas-turbine engines and solar cells, all require better-engineered nanocomposite materials. There is a limitation though -- how to investigate the fracture mechanics of these materials? Machine learning can help us overcome this limitation.

Interface engineering for nanocomposite toughness enhancements

Engineering ceramic/nanocomposite interfaces may lead to the development of ultra-tough ceramic nanocomposites. The novel processing method, as well as micromechanical interpretation of the above result, can be found here:

Christos E. Athanasiou

Faculty positions & job hunting

As a platform dedicated to the optimization of academic job searching is still missing in our community we could get inspired by collegues from the academic field of operations:

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