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PhD position at the Institute of Mechanics, OVGU Magdeburg, Germany

I have an opening PhD Position at our Institute of Mechanics, Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg (Germany).
The candidate should work in the field of new solution algorithms for complex simulations.
Additionally, the willingnes of teaching (in english as well as in german) is premised.
Attached you will find the corresponding job advertisement.

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Invited session on New Approaches for Localization Problems

We are organizing a session on New Approaches for Localization Problems
at the XV. International Conference on Computational Plasticity - Fundamentals and Applications (COMPLAS) in Barcelona, Spain, on 3-5 September 2019.
Among others, we welcome abstracts on the following topics
- Gradient enhanced and phase field models for localization phenomena of plasticity, damage and fracture
- Peridynamics approaches for localization
- Innovative numerical techniques to treat localization problems

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