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A 3D phase field dislocation dynamics model for body-centered cubic crystals

This is the preprint of an article that will appear in Computational Materials Science (

A 3D phase field dislocation dynamics model for body-centered cubic crystals

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Job position

Mechanical Engineering Instructor (Mechanics/Structural Dynamics)

Location:  University, MS, US, 38677

Department:  Mechanical Engineering (10000925)

Employee Designation:  Regular Full-time (Benefits Eligible)


Position Description 

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One Ph.D. position (2020 Fall) in Mechanical Engineering at North Carolina State University

One fully funded Ph.D. position Starting 2020 Fall in YIN group at NCSU

The research program will focus on soft robotics and mechanical metamaterials. The research will involve a combination of experiments (3D printing, mechanical testing, materials synthesis, and fabrication etc), analytical modeling, and numerical simulation methods (mainly finite element method).

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New method to fabricate 3D curvy electronics

We report a manufacturing technology, called conformal additive stamp (CAS) printing and show that it can be used to reliably manufacture electronic devices with 3D shapes. Our CAS printing approach employs a pneumatically inflated elastomeric balloon as a conformal stamping medium to pick up pre-fabricated electronic devices and print them onto 3D surfaces to create devices with curvy shapes including electrically small antennas, hemispherical solar cells and smart contact lenses.

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Tenure-Track Faculty Openings at Georgia Tech Aerospace

We have multiple tenure track faculty openings in mechanics of materials and structures at the Georgia Tech School of Aerospace Engineering. To receive full consideration please apply by November 1st, 2019.  


Detailed instructions may be found here:



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Lecturer and Professor of the Practice (non-tenure) Openings at Georgia Tech Aerospace

We have multiple openings for Lecturers and Professors of the Practices in mechanics of materials and structures at the Georgia Tech School of Aerospace Engineering. To receive full consideration please apply by November 1st, 2019.  


Detailed instructions may be found here:



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Postdoc position at University of Illinois at Chicago

We are looking for postdoctoral students to join computational biomechanics laboratory at the University of Illinois at Chicago in the areas of computational mechanics and experimental methods including biomechanical characterizations, biochemistry, and molecular biology. Candidate are expected to have strong background in one or more of the following: a) numerical simulations (e.g.

position filled


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Multiple Ph.D. Positions - Control Systems & Mechatronics

Position Description:

Multiple fully-funded Ph.D. positions are available within the College of Aeronautics and Engineering at Kent State University, Kent, OH. Students with interest/background in control theory and autonomous systems are welcome to apply. The applications of interest may consist of a wide range of systems from Healthcare to Automotive to Aerospace systems. The expected start date is Spring 2020.

Basic Requirements:

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SEM Fracture and Fatigue Call for Papers

Dear Colleagues,

We invite you to submit a paper to the 2020 Society for Experimental Mechanics (SEM) Annual Meeting in one of the many sessions in the Fatigue and Fracture Track. See below for further information on these sessions, and please forward this to others who may be interested.

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Tenure-track faculty positions in ME at UC Merced

We have tenure track faculty positions open in Mechanical Engineering at the University of California Merced. Best to apply before the application review period begins on Oct 16:


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Some preliminary observations on a defect Navier-Stokes system

Amit Acharya              Roger Fosdick

(To appear in Comptes Rendus - Me'canique)

Some implications of the simplest accounting of defects of compatibility in the velocity field on the structure of the classical Navier-Stokes equations are explored, leading to connections between classical elasticity, the elastic theory of defects, plasticity theory, and classical fluid mechanics.

Excellent post-doc opportunity: Computational Fluid Dynamics

We have an opening for a post-doc position at George Mason University starting immediately. The qualification for the position is a strong background in computational fluid dynamics. The salary level is $64,000 per year. Candidates from aerospace, mechanical or related areas will be considered.

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PhD positions available in Mechanical Engineering at CU Denver

Fully supported PhD positions are available immediately in Dr. Kai Yu’s research group ( at the University of Colorado Denver. The research will be on the mechanics and physics of active polymers and their 3D printing.

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Symmetry-adapted real-space density functional theory for large nanotubes and bending deformations of thin sheets

Dear Colleagues,

Here is our recently published article on Symmetry-adapted real-space density functional theory for large nanotubes and bending deformations of thin sheets

Title: Symmetry-adapted real-space density functional theory for cylindrical geometries: Application to large group-IV nanotubes

 Authors: Swarnava Ghosh, Amartya S. Banerjee, Phanish Suryanarayana*

Concise summary

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EMI Conference - MS 52: Deformation, Failure and Coupled Processes Across Scales

Dear iMechanica colleagues,

We would like to invite you to submit a contribution for the Minisymposium on “Analysis and Methods for the Simulation of Deformation, Failure and Coupled Processes Across Scales” (description below), organized for the 2020 International Conference of the Engineering Mechanics Institute, April 24-26, at Durham, UK.

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(Due 30th November, 2019) Call for Nominations for the Eshelby Mechanics Award for Young Faculty

It is my pleasure to solicit nominations for the "Eshelby Mechanics Award for Young Faculty". This award, launched in 2012, is given annually to rapidly emerging junior faculty who exemplify the creative use and development of mechanics. The intent of the award is to promote the field of mechanics, especially among young researchers. While interdisciplinary work that bridges mechanics with physics, chemistry, biology and other disciplines is encouraged, the ideal awardee will demonstrate clear inspiration from mechanics in his/her research.

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Conductive Silk‐Based Composites Using Biobased Carbon Materials

Fresh in Advanced Materials! Synthesis & molecular dynamics modeling of conductive, highly stretchable, flexible, & biocompatible silk‐based composite sensors using biobased carbon materials.

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Two Phd positions for 2020 Spring or Fall in Mechanical Engineering at UTSA

Two fully funded PhD positions are available immediately in Dr. Wei Gao’s research group at The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA). The research will be on computational and experimental study on engineering and biological materials. UTSA is located in San Antonio, Texas, a vibrant city of more than 1.6 million people, with significant economic growth and numerous industrial establishments. The city and the University provide excellent cultural and educational opportunities as well as exceptional employment opportunities.

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Postdoctoral Position Available in United Arab Emirates within the Advanced Digital & Additive Manufacturing (ADAM) Center

A postdoctoral fellow research position is availabe immediately in the Advanced Digital & Additive Manufacturing (ADAM) center at Khalifa University in Abu Dhabi in United Arab Emirates. Applicants should demonstrate research capabilities in modeling, experimentation, and testing in the area of additive manufacturing (3D printing). Candidates with research experience related to sandwich panels will be considered with higher priority.

Research Assistant in Meshing/Computational Geometry

The Mechanics and Computational lab at IISc Bangalore has an immediate opening for a research assistant.


  • Proficiency in C++ programming
  • Parallelization with OpenMP
  • Prior knowledge of meshing algorithms and computational geometry will be a plus
  • Open only to Indian citizens.

Interested candidates can write to h

rram at iisc dot ac dot in

Two PhD positions in Mechanical Engineering at University of California, Irvine

Cao lab (  in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department at University of California, Irvine (UCI) invites applications for two PhD positions, which are to be filled in 2020 Winter and 2020 Fall Quarters. The students are expected to work on computational simulation and modeling of structural materials. Highly motivated candidates with mechanics and simulation background are encouraged to send CV to Prof. Cao via email at


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Advice on Graduate School Applications

I recently gave a talk to undergraduate engineering students at U.C. Berkekey on advice for applying to graduate schools in the US. The talk is titled "How to Apply to Graduate School and Fail to Get Admitted." The title is intended to be humorous. The audience was one of the most engaging that I have ever encountered and there were lots of requests for the slides.


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