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Theoretical solution for Impact response of FML(Fibre-metal lamiantes)

A theoretical solution for Impact response of FML(Fibre-metal lamiantes) is available:

Low-velocity impact response of fiber-metal laminates – A theoretical approach

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New paper on impact behaviour of GLARE(Fibre-metal Laminates) is available on line.

Dear all, 

 A paper on the Low-Velocity Impact Response and failure characteriztion of Fibre-Metal Laminates – Experimental and Finite Element Analysis, has been issued by

Composites Science and Technology

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Grain size Al sheet made by T3 2024(Size effect of Al sheet)

Dear all,


Can anybody give me some papers on the grain size T3 2024?

I know it should be 10-100 μm or so. But I want to get a more precise data and cite it in my journal paper.

All suggestion or papers are welcome. Thanks.

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membrane strain energy for circular plate

Dear All,


I am presently deducting formula for a metallic circular plate with large deflection. Can anybody help me how to dedcut the  membrane strain energy of a circular plate?


All information on reference or textbook are all welcome.






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Yield line theory application to a edge fixed disk by central load

Dear all,

   I am trying to apply the Yield line theory to analyze the fracture of a disk by central load, F.

   Do anybody know the yield line on the disk? I searched some books to find most references focus on rectangular plate rather than disk.

   All suggestions are welcome. Thanks.


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How to represent a "bird" in ABAQUS

Dear all,

   I will model a bird to impact a shell at high velocity by ABAQUS.  I decide to model the "bird" by ALE mesh and referred by EOS equation.

   However, most simulation works are done by LS-Dyna. Do anyone know how to determine the parameters in ABAQUS for the "bird" in EOS equation?

   All suggestions are welcome.




Best regards 

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