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Traction properties

Dear Abaqus Users,

    When modeling Composite structures,I got a difficulty in giving the properties of Traction, can some one expalin me

E/knn, 1/kss, G2/ktt

How can we determine the values of Knn,ktt,Kss




Fachhochschule Jena


Umat-Help-Progressive Damage modeling

Hiii All,

 I am writing an umat for Progressive Damage modeling for 3d Composites.

  when I am compiling my Umat i got an error which says

The executable /raid/software/64/abaqus/6.8-1/exec/standard.exe
aborted with system error "Illegal floating point operation" (signal 8).

I checked out my code many times but i dont find any wrong,Can any one please help me out to resolve this issue.

If some one needs my subroutine file i can send it to them provided te email address

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