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Positions for PhD students and postdoctoral researchers


Positions for PhD students and postdoctoral researchers
at the Institute of Applied Geometry, JKU, Linz, Austria


 The Institute of Applied Geometry at Johannes Kepler University
( has vacant positions for PhD students and
postdoctoral researchers. Applicants should possess a background
in geometric modeling, computational geometry or numerical analysis.


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PostDoc Position & PhD (f/m) in Isogeometric Analysis at RICAM, Linz, Austria.

“Geometry and Simulation” supported by the Austrian Science Fund  is searching for a PostDoc and PhD candidate with a strong background in computational methods for partial differential equations, numerical analysis, software development and scientific computing. More information about the National Research Network “Geometry and Simulation” can be found on the NRN web page 

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Finite Element and Image Processing

Dear All,


Any step-by-step appraoch of using finite element for image processing

will be appreciated. I'm very much aware of finite element and want to

use it to solve an imaging problem,i.e. 

Find U given F(an image)  : >> AU = F .


Thank You. 

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