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Fliiping nodes normal directions for a solid section

Does Anyhone have any idea about fliping the normal directions for a solid sections to be pointed in not out, because am having an error: nodes have incorrect normal definitions.

Error: nodes have incorrect defintions

Am having an error:nodes may have incorrect defintions.

the contact is between truss and beam

Doeas anyone know how to solve this error?

Abaqus Explicit

Is there any way to introduce prestress hold in abaqus Explicit?

abaqus-Contact pair

Any one have an idea bout using the contact pair option to model a post-tension tendon in a concrete beam " c3d8".

am getting overclosure and nothing else worked so far:(


Abaqus "initial condtions"

Am writing as a statement in my model the option initial conditions, am not sure where is the excat palce so i run my file to identify the error "as follows" but still not knowing where to do so?!! (it said under level: Model)!!!

Thank you!

post tension in Abaqus


 Am working on post tension prestressed concrete with Abaqus,

1-  I would like to know where to find the "initial conditions option and prestress hold" in which module??

2- Rebar option: as per the Help, it is mentioned that i can define a rebar as individual element not as rebar layer in a shell/membrane element. but also couldn't be able to find how and in which module?

Any suggestions?

Wating for a quick feedback



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