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Adding static/dynamic library to an Abaqus user subroutine

I want to use an external subroutine in my umat but I have not been able to do that so far. Having created a dynamic library project in Visual Studio 2008, I have created a .dll and .lib files and copied the .lib file into the working directory of my abaqus job and the .dll file to exec folder. I have also added the directory of the .lib file in the LIB environmental variable. But I get these errors from ABAQUS: 

Sample code for Abaqus subroutines

Here you can find a sample codes along with documentation:

 At the end of the page there is the link. 

*MATRIX GENERATE - Global Stiffness matrix

Thank you  for your reply. I know but I was wondering if it is possible to omit them manually.

 One more question, I figured that using *MATRIX GENERATE, one could get the global stiffness, mass or load matrix in a ".mtx" file. But I am wondering why I can't get the file after the run.

 Here is the keywords:


DOFs in Abaqus


I got a simple 2D problem (a rectangular shell, static general, CPS4R element), with 557 nodes, each of them have 2 DOFs (U1 and U2), according to the data file. But when I print out the ELEMENT STIFFNESS MATRIX, for each element it is a 12x12 matrix which means the rotational DOF about z axis is also taken into account. How can I omit this 3rd DOF? Can I?

Thank you.

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