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plane stress, steady-state, mode I asymptotic solution for elastic / perfectly plastic materials

I would like to inform the fracture mechanics community of an asymptotic solution for the steady-state mode I crack problem for an elastic / perfectly plastic material under plane stress loading conditons.  See the following article in ZAMP, i.e., 

Unger, D.J. Plane stress asymptotic solution for steady crack growth in an elastic/perfectly plastic solid for mode I crack propagation. Z. Angew. Math. Phys. 74, 77 (2023).

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A hydrodynamic analogy to the crack driving force

Students often have a tough time understanding the crack driving force in an elementary course on fracture mechanics.

A recent free access article has been published on a fluid analogy to the crack driving force and the Riabouchinsky free streamline problem for ideal fluid flow around two plates.  Hopefully this analogy can aid in the visualization.

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Analytical Fracture Mechanics

My text, Analytical Fracture Mechanics, is back in print by Dover Publications as of November 2011.

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