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桥梁倾覆坍塌 - 为什么独柱墩不加盖梁?




2. 独柱墩(特别是单支点)的抗震性是如何考虑的,比如在京津唐地震带。。。。

A variational approach to predict percolation thresholds of nanomaterials

Study on the properties of inhomogeneous media plays a central role throughout the history of physics, e.g.
Possion’s theory on magnetism of composites, Faraday’s dielectric model of composites, Maxwell’s and later
Rayleigh’s work on conductivity of composites, and Einstein’s thesis on viscosity of fluid-particle media. As
a special branch of this field, percolation research on phase transition and critical phenomena was originated
with lattice percolation theories in 1950s [1]. The idealization of a lattice structure is convenient for analytical

A PhD student position is available on nonlinear multiscale modeling of materials


A PhD student position is available on nonlinear multiscale modeling of materials for Fall 2010. Please contact ASAP

 X. Frank Xu, PhD, Assistant Professor
Dept of Civil, Envir & Ocean
Stevens Institute of Technology
Hoboken, NJ
201-216-8739 (Fax)


Integrity of Scholarly Publishing under Attack


This issue of CAM digest re-published D.N. Arnold's article  "Integrity under Attack - the state of scholarly publishing". The orginal article is available via weblink

A novel "multiscale stochastic finite element method" on solid mechanics

Research on multiscale stochastic modeling is becoming big. In this article "A Green-function-based multiscale method for uncertainty quantification of finite body random heterogeneous materials"  doi:10.1016/j.compstruc.2009.05.009 , one of the first multiscale stochastic methods is developed for solid mechanics applications.....    

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