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abaqus system error code 142

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I used abaqus6.9 and intel fortran with UEL

The inp and fortran file is from 

Y.F. Gao*, A.F. Bower, "A simple technique for avoiding convergence problems in finite element simulations of crack nucleation and growth on cohesive interfaces." Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering 12, 453-463, 2004

I encountered the 142 error code and don't know to deal with it.

Can someone help me?

 Usually, error  142 means

a) divided by zero

b) using an array which is not declared before

c)  array index out of the bounds 



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the error has been discussed at length in the Yahoo group on ABAQUS

In brief: if you cannot find a bug then play around with the initial and/or maximum permissible time increment. Try decreasing and increasing and run a parameter study on that.

Good luck



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