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How to plot Stress Contours from ABAQUS UEL?

Hello, I am using the Abaqus UEL module to use a customised element type. I have all the  stress values at the Gauss Points (3x3 Gauss Quadrature) which I have exported through the SVARS variable. Is there any way I can plot the stress contours on the geometry in Abaqus or any other software ?


I have figured out how to do the above. The following procedure may help:

1] You will have the gauss point data for stresses. Use matlab to save a matrix [X_gauss,Y_gauss,S11] in .mat format using command <save()>.

2] Open Mathematica in the same working directory. Type the following (The statements within angular brackets <> are my own comments):

   RegionFunction -> Function[{x, y, z}, <AnyLogicalStatement using x,y,z WhoseOutputisBoolean; this may help if you have holes in your physical object>],
   ColorFunction -> (ColorData["Rainbow"])],
  Graphics[Legend[ColorData["Rainbow"][1 - #1] &, 10, "<UpperLimit of  Z>", "LowerLimitofZ"]]

 For details refer to the relevant user manuals.

Sourish Chakravarty

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