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Some references on dynamic testing

First of all, I would like to thank you all for the response. I apologize for the much delayed reply.

In what follows, I will list a few references about
dynamic behaviors of materials at large and the testing techniques. Of
course I will definitely omit some important books or papers since after
all I am more a materials scientist. Therefore, if you know of know of
any good references, please let us know.

The recent book on split Hopkinson (Kolsky) bar by Wayne
Chen and Bo Song should serve as a very useful information source for
the history, theory and applications of Kolsky bar technique. The book
is published by Springer as one of the Mechanical Engineering Series.
The book title is "Split Hopkinson (Kolsky) bar--Design, testing and

About one and a half decade back, Professor Mark Meyers
published a book, "Dynamic behavior of materials" (by Wiley
Interscience, 1994). This book starts with some concise description of
stress waves, followed by various techniques to generate and measure
stress wave and a review of materials behaviors at different high-rate
loading conditions, including elastic, plastic and fracture under
dynamic loading conditions.

A cheap and brief Dover book by Kolsky himself is very useful for beginners. The book title is "Stress waves in solids".

I started to teach myself about Kolsky bar technique by
reading the relevant chapters in ASM Metals Handbook (the volume is
Mechanical Testing and Evaluation). In the older version, the
contributing author is Dr. Paul Follansbee. The recent version's author
is Professor Nemat-Nasser. Both are very clear descriptions. I found
them quite helpful.

For miniaturized (or Desk-top) Kolsky bar technique, the
prize-winning paper by Dr. Dexin Jia and KT (Ramesh) is a must-read. The
paper is "A rigorous assessment of the benefits of miniaturization in
the Kolsky bar system" ,Experimental Mechanics, 2004; Vol. 44 (5): 445.

There are many papers on the improvement and modifications of Kolsky bar
technique, which can be found in International Journal of Impact
Engineering. For example, cooling/heating systems can be synchronized
with the testing system to evaluate the dynamic behaviors of structural
materials at different strain rates.

Thanks for your attention.


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