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where can I find matlab coding for 1-D, 2-D elasto plastic non linear problem?

Refer the book

"Matlab guide to finite elements , an interactive approach"

 A good frame work for the fem coding you can get from this book. But most of the codes in this may not be computationally efficient , and you may have to modify that suitably.






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      I am using MATLAB for FEM. I am refering following books:

1. MATLAB Codes for Finite Element Analysis: Solids and Structures - A. J. M. Ferreira

2. The Finite Element Method using MATLAB - Young W. Kwon

Both the books discussed well and gave enough codes. Refering these one can easily develop his/her own code for required problem. They have discussed linear FEM only. But I feel they have given enough idea about FEM in MATLAB. 

What is your problem exactly.......?



Thank you MR Sreenath AM. I am refering to the book you have recommended.

Hi sreenivas

I will certainly go through the books you have mentioned.

I am working on problems in FEM  mainly non-linear. There is a book called Finite Element in Plasticity by DRJ-OWEN they have discussed solution of non linear problems. 

But the codes they have explained are in Fortran language. I am trying to write those code in MATLAB using methods they have explained (Newton-raphson, Tangential stiffness method etc.)



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    Ohk....You can have a look at the following book for Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis:

 Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis -  Crisfield.

It is a two volumes book....very well known for Nonlinear discussion.

And most of the books on FEM give Codes in fortran only...All the best


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          Recently I have seen a book on Nonlinear FEM using MATLAB. Title of the book :

"Development and Application of the FEM based on MATLAB"...It is a free FEM ware....Follow the link to get more. 


hello Mr Sreenivas

Today I saw your comment about the book "Development and Application of the FEM based on MATLAB", but the link doesnt work any more.

I tried to find it by google search,but there wasnt any thing.

Would you please guide me to find this book.

by the way, I'm trying to simulate a material nonlinearity problem, Do you know some thing that can help me in this way?



Hey Sreenivas,


Thanks for that link. It is really helpful.





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