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Resonance -- an Indian journal of science education

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Resonance is a journal of science education published by the Indian Academy of Sciences for the past twenty years or so. As the introduction page states,

  • The journal is primarily directed at students and teachers at the undergraduate level, though some of the articles may go beyond this range. Resonance has a council of editors drawn from institutions all over in India, with a Chief Editor and several Associate Editors located in Bangalore.

One of the nice features of Resonance that I like the best is that each issue is a special issue featuring some scientist, engineer or mathematician; the following special issues will be of specific interest to the iMechanica community:

  1. G I Taylor -- October 2004
  2. Timoshenko -- October 2002
  3. Bernoulli brothers -- October 2001
  4. Theodore von Karman -- August 2005
  5. Prandtl -- December 2000

In addition, some of the finest pieces of popular science I have ever read, like this one about Prof. Dhawan's work on bird flight, or this one about the Wright brothers, I read from the pages of resonance. And, every month I can't wait for the resonance web page updation.

Have fun; and, while you are at it, why not tune one of your blog posts at iMechanica and get it published in Resonance?


Reading about the lives and times of eminent scientists always leaves me inspired. Thanks for these links!

Mogadalai Gururajan's picture

Dear Ravi,

Thanks for your comments.

In addition to being an inspiration, learning about scientists and their work also helps me understand the development of ideas, and hence is a very educational experience. 

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