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IUTAM Symposium "Fracture phenomena in nature and technology", Brescia, Italy, July 1-5, 2

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First announcement

IUTAM SYMPOSIUM  Fracture phenomena in nature and technology
Brescia, Italy, July 1-5, 2012

Web page:

Call for contribution

We seek advanced and original contributions in fracture research,
interpreted broadly to include new engineering and structural mechanics
treatments of damage development and crack growth, and also large-scale
failure processes as exemplified by earthquake or landslide failures,
ice shelf break-up, and hydraulic fracturing (natural, or for resource
extraction or CO2 sequestration), as well as small-scale rupture
phenomena in materials physics including, e.g., inception of shear
banding, void growth, adhesion and decohesion in contact and friction,
crystal dislocation processes, and atomic/electronic scale treatment of
brittle crack tips and fundamental cohesive properties.
emphasis will be given to multiscale fracture description and new
scale-bridging formulations capable to substantiate recent experiments
and tailored to become the basis for innovative computational

Conference fees will be kept as low as
possible for students and young researchers and will be specified in a
second announcement, that will follow shortly. Registration will be
allowed soon.

Symposium Chairman

Davide Bigoni, University of Trento, Italy

Scientific Committee

James R. Rice, Harvard University, U.S.A.
John R. Willis, University of Cambridge, U.K.
Jean B. Leblond, Université P. et M. Curie, France
Ares J. Rosakis, Caltech, U.S.A.
Anthony R. Ingraffea, Cornell University, U.S.A.
Davide Bigoni, University of Trento, Italy
Alberto Salvadori, University of Brescia, Italy
Ben Freund, IUTAM Representative

Local Organizing Committee

Angelo Carini, University of Brescia, Italy
Alberto Salvadori, University of Brescia, Italy
Massimiliano Gei, University of Trento, Italy
Marco Paggi, Politecnico di Torino, Italy
Giorgio Donzella, University of Brescia, Italy
Alessandro Temponi, University of Brescia, Italy
Emanuela Bosco, University of Brescia, Italy

For any further information do not hesitate to contact

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