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Viscoelastic Analysis With Nanoindentation DMA

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Viscoelasticity can be studied using Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) during Nanoindentation. By applying controlled oscillatory stress the resulting strain can easily be measured. An elastic material will have stress and strain in phase while a viscous-elastic material will have strain lagging stress. In many applications during quality control and R&D, it is important to reliably test this behavior. For example, polymer coatings, like that found on solar panels and medical devices, need to be studied by DMA Nanoindentation to understand the transition between viscous and elastic properties. The behavior of polymers is greatly affected by time and temperature which can greatly affect the long term longevity of a device if the properties are not well understood. These results will be used to better understand the life cycle of the polymer coating among others.

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Can this test(Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) during Nanoindentation) be performed in the common SPM (scanning probe microscopy) with a nonaindentation mode? Or it can be accomplished only in the eqipment you design? Thank you!

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Hi Min, sorry for the delayed response. An AFM or SPM does not have the true capability to obtain reliable results for this type of test. The mechanics of our mechanical tester is primary to this capability. Its a good question because many believe AFM or SPM is reliable, this is not true. For extreme delicate material out of the range of the indentation method it provides better than nothing results. Within the realm of the indentation method it simply cannot compare.

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