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direct correspondence betwene stress-thermal condctivity-strain

Using a new experimental setup have now proved that one could actually draw a thermal conductivity-strain relationship in the same way as stress-strain relation!

What remains to be seen is that whether this relationship is tensorial or not! Details are in the paper..

Correlating Microscale Thermal Conductivity of Heavily-Doped Silicon With Simultaneous Measurements of Stress," has been published online today, 20 October 2011, in Journal of Engineering Materials and Technology (Vol.133, Iss.4):

DOI: 10.1115/1.4004699


our work is in Silicon.Other important experimental work in  (and perhaps only other) this area is by Aman Haque's group at Penn Sate.

We are hoping that such experiments open up new avenues in multiphysics experimental research.

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