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Linking ABAQUS with Fortran

Dear all,

I have installed ABAQUS 6.10-1  and Intel Visual Fortran Compiler Professional Edition 11.1 for Windows. The installation of the last requires the previous installation of Microsoft Visual Studio 2008. My operating system is Windows XP 32bit x86.
I am running the abaqus job and abaqus subroutine files in Abaqus Command (allowing ABAQUS to perform the compiling by including -user on the command line) and I get the following error message:

ABA_PARAM.INC(1): error #6222: This IMPLICIT statement is not positioned correctly within the scoping unit.
      implicit real*8(a-h,o-z)

In the Abaqus installation directory there are the files ABA_PARAM_SP.INC and ABA_PARAM_DP.INC, but not the file ABA_PARAM.INC. In addition, there seems to exist an error during the compilation of the subroutine (Abaqus Error: Problem during compilation).

Does anyone know how to deal with this error? Furthermore, if somebody outlined the procedure of linking Abaqus to Fortran, one would help very much. It is not sure that the above linking is done properly.

Thank you very much in advance.


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Dear all

I realized so many users have problems in
linking Fortran and C++ to  ABAQUS to run user-subroutine codes such as
VUMAT and UMAT. I managed to collect all information (some taken from imechnica) which
is necessary to establish a  proper link. These are my recommend steps :

1-Install ABAQUS

2-Install Microsoft Visual STUDIO (trial
version is good enough!)

3- Open ABAQUS command window and type "abaqus verify
-user_std" then it will check the requirements and will give a message
pass or fail. If everything is met then it will show pass. usually Visuall
fortran and visuall C fails, and you need to set their path in "Environment
Variables" in windows.

4- If fails go to My Computer->Properties->Advanced->Environment
Variables, in the "System variables" list locate "Path"


FOR 64- bit windows it
can be similar to this:

;C:\Program Files
(x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\bin\amd64\;C:\Program Files C:\Program Files
(x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\bin\; C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Compiler\11.0\072\fortran\Bin\


and for 32 bit
it can be similar to this:

Files\Intel\Compiler\Fortran\10.1.021\IA32\Bin\;C:\Program Files\Microsoft
Visual Studio 8\VC\bin\;C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio
8\Common7\IDE\;C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VSA\8.0\VsaEnv\;

5- Check
that all the field are passed by running "abaqus
verify -user_std",. If link does not establish between fortran and ABAQUS,
the last step would be editing  the file
"abq69ef1.bat" (this is for example for ABAQUS version6.9) in
the" C:\SIMULIA\Abaqus\Commands". (Be careful in that folder
there is another file abaqus.bat, you need to pick the abq69ef1.bat!)

Open the "abq69ef1.bat"
with Notepad, and set the path similar to this

@echo off

"C:\Program Files



and exit

7-Enjoy it! 

I am also getting the same error. Have you fixed the error. Please can you help

Dear Prakashkmuthu,

I managed after considerable effort to install Abaqus 6.11-1 along with Intel.FORTRAN.Compiler.V11.1.054 on a Turbo-X laptop and link them together. Which versions of Abaqus and Fortran do you use? If you use the ones that I have installed, then I can show you the installation and linking procedure.

George Papazafeiropoulos

First Lieutenant
Infrastructure Engineer, Hellenic Air Force

Civil Engineer, M.Sc., Ph.D. candidate

Dear George Papazafeiropoulos,

       I use Abaqus 6.11-2 along with Intel FORTRAN compiler V.11.1.054 but I got the same error.

       Initally, i managed to rectified that error and then tested it using simple example programs given in Abaqus..It works perfectly. Even i tried to depevople my own code and even then it also works perfectly.

       But when i tried to develope another simple subroutine and then i got few fortran coding error and after corrected it, i try to run again the same UMATHT.

      But now i got the error as shown below

" Problem in linking- Abaqus/standard User subroutines. This error may be due to a mismatch in the Abaqus user subroutine argumrnts. These arguments sometimes change from release to release, so user subroutines used with a previous release of Abaqus may need to be adjusted." 

     Con you sugges me to handle this error?


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I am trying to link ABAQUS 6.11-1 and Intel Visual Fortran 11.1.054 and Visual Studio 2008. I get the sam error as everyone else in the verify.log file. Could you help me out? 

Dear Jothi,

It is more likely that your user subroutine file has an error as far as its Abaqus implementation is concerned. It may not have any errors as a Fortran code, but it seems that further adjustment needs to be done regarding the subroutine arguments. Try to conform to the Abaqus 6.11-2 documentation and not that of previous versions. This is virtually what the error message tells you.

Best regards,

George Papazafeiropoulos
First Lieutenant, Infrastructure Engineer, Hellenic Air Force
Civil Engineer, M.Sc., Ph.D. candidate, NTUA


Hi every body,

 I'm a new user of subroutines in ABAQUS.

I'm using ABAQUS 6.12-3 on a windows 7 (64 bit) system. I've installed Intel Composer XE nad Visual Studio 2012 pro on my computer.

When I'm running verification test, for Microsoft Visual C++ and Intel Fortran Compiler, it shows a fail message.

I've tried to go with steps mentioned above but some of the fitures have been changed in ABAQUS 6.12-3 and also in Intel Composer XE (for example there is no file like abq612ef1.bat or something like that).

Would you please let me have your help to overcome this problem?

 Kind Regards

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