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Post-Processing Software for LSTC LS-DYNA

Dear friends,


I am using LS-Dyna for my master's thesis. I am now using 'LS-Prepost 3.1' for my post processing. I am doing explicit time integration based contact modelling. Is Prepost is the best post processing tool for such modelling or is there any other better software. Of course Prepost is free, but i wanna know if there is any other free and more powerful post processor.



LS-PrePost does a good job. Altair's HyperView will also read LSDYNA output. I'd give them both a shot (if you have access to both), and see which you like better. HV has a nice feature of being able to save a template, and so you can automate some post-processing tasks that way. I don't know LSPP well enough to say if it has a similar feature.

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