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zigzag flexible interconnects

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Stretchable zigzag interconnects have potential applications in dynamic environments and in some biological systems.

Stretchability of metal interconnects over polymer substrates (elastomer in particular) have been discussed in detail in the following papers:

T. Li, Z.Y. Huang, Z. Suo, S.P. Lacour, S. Wagner, "Stretchability of thin metal films on elastomer substrates". Applied Physics Letters, 85, 3435-3437 (2004).

SP. Lacour, D. Chan, S. Wagner, T. Li, Z. Suo, "Mechanisms of reversible stretchability of thin metal films on elastomeric substrates", Applied Physics Letters, 88 (2006).

Rupture strains of the order of tens of percent were observed in case of gold films over elastomer substrates and possible mechanisms enabling these large strains were discussed. Design concepts of zigzag interconnects were proposed to obtain even better stretchability.

I am interested to know if there are any studies that discusses the performance and reliability of such zigzag interconnects subjected to cyclic thermal and vibrational loading? 


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