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Size limits in ABAQUS CAE

 HI!Is it possible to analyze models that are bigger that 10000 units in ABAQUS CAE? Or it has to be done manually through input file?I entered the approximate size 10000 at the beginning, which is maximum allowable size, and them program lets me draw much bigger model, 20,000 units pipeline in this instance, but it crashes even before i am done creating the part. Usually while dimensioning

Is there a way around this problem in CAE? or I have to do it in INPUT file?

thank you


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Perhaps you can normalize your model..?

What is normalising. I draw a cell in abaqus, 10 micron diameter. But, the shear modulus is 100GPa, should I change the units? M confused.

From the Abaqus CAE User's Manual, 11.4.3: 

Abaqus/CAE uses a geometry engine to model parts and features. The recommended approximate size limits are between 0.001 (10^–3) and 1000 (10^4) [sic] units. This size range should prevent your model from exceeding the limits of the geometry engine. For example, the minimum size supported by the geometry engine is 10–6, so maintaining geometry on the order of 10–3 will normally allow node and element dimensions to remain above the minimum size. Parts that exceed the recommended limits may exhibit geometric defects. If you find that you need to specify an approximate size that is outside the suggested range, you should consider adopting a different set of units.

I'd suggest changing your unit system to be more in line with the recommended limits (putting aside the typo).

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THANK YOU!i will switch to SI units, hopefully that should keep my model free from defects.   one more Q if i may:I am placing longitudinal and lateral springs at every node. My model 6000m is in length, 0.32m pipe radius, I am placing springs at every 3m. 2000 nodes I need. Is there a faster and more efficient way to partion my model than using parameter input for edge partition? This way i can only keep splitting my element in 2, and in 2 and in 2 until I get the sufficient # of elements or until i get confused, wich ever comes first.if somebody can help me with this.... it would really make my day!Thanks a lot!


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