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Simulation for Johnson Cook fit


I have computed the constants in the Johnson cook constitutive model (not the damage model) using my test data.

I have not yet computed the constants in Johnson Cooks damage model.

I want to carry out a simulation of tension test and compare experimental vs FEA results and then improve my model (or constants). I'm using LS Dyna for simulation.

Can I forego the damage model and test the constutive model?

Any help to carry out this simualtion will be appreciated





You should be able to compare the results without the damage model up to the point at which your specimen began to fail.

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I had some issues with how the johnson cook constutive model behaves with the large strain and small strain. I need some guidence in this subject for me to debugg this johnson cook model 

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is that you can help me to download this thesis, I can not do it in my country.
« Numerical And Experimental Investigation Of Perforation Of St-37 Steel Plates By Oblique Impact » :

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