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Complex interplay of nonlinear processes in dielectric elastomers.

A combination of experiment and theory shows that dielectric elastomers exhibit complex interplay of nonlinear processes. Membranes of a dielectric elastomer are prepared in various states of prestretches by using rigid clamps and mechanical forces. Upon actuation by voltage, some membranes form wrinkles followed by snap-through instability, others form wrinkles without the snap-through instability, and still others fail by local instability without formingwrinkles.Membranes surviving these nonlinear processes are found to attain a constant dielectric strength, independent of the state of prestretches. Giant voltage-induced stretch of 3.6 is attained.


This paper was recently published in Soft Matter 8, 8840-8846 (2012). Please find the paper, following the link: Thanks a lot.

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