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Why " *Node Print " prints information of only Constrained Nodes in Abaqus ?

Hello All,


I am Master student of Computational engineering at Ruhr University
Bochum, Germany. Presently I have to do testing and do post-processing of UEL Subrouitne for 9 NODE
Piezo-Electric Element .  I am not able to get the displacements of all  nodes in the
.dat file.  Below is my piece of code  of  INPUT file


"*Node Print " prints displacement of constrained nodes which is
ofcourse zero. Do you  know how do I get the output of all DOFs at all
nodes. Please find input file in attachment.

I would greatly appreciate any little help.

Thanks and Regards,


Plain text icon inputfile.txt660 bytes


I resolved it ! The problem was not  in the input file but in UEL
subroutine. I had some mistakes while implementing constitutive matrix.
May be that was the reason for displacement being zero at all the nodes
and eventually not displayed as node output.

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