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New Micromechanics Book

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This message about a new book came over the PoroNet (poroelasticity network) mailing list:

Dear Colleagues:

      I would like to inform you that my book "Micromechanics of Heterogeneous Materials” (containing around 700 pages, 140 figures, 3000 formulae, and 1200 references) should be published by Springer on 07.06.07. [Details are on the web|toc ] .

      In the framework of a unique scheme of the proposed multiparticle effective field method, we have undertaken in this book an attempt to analyze the wide class of statical and dynamical, local and nonlocal, linear and nonlinear multiscale problems of composite materials with deterministic (periodic and nonperiodic), random (statistically homogeneous and inhomogeneous, so-called graded) and mixed (periodic structures with random imperfections) structures in bounded and unbounded domains, containing coated or uncoated inclusions of any shape and orientation and subjected to coupled or uncoupled, homogeneous or inhomogeneous external fields of different physical natures.

        Any the remarks and comments regarding the book will be fully appreciated.

Trully yours,

Valeriy Buryachenko

University of Dayton Res. Inst., Ohio, USA


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A nice book on the particle-particle interactions in composite materials.

English website:

Table of contents

Foundations of Solid Mechanics
Green's Function, Eshelby and Related Tensors
Multiscale Analysis of Multiple Interacting Inclusions Problem: Finite Number of Interactiong Inclusions
Statistical Description of Composite Materials
Effective Properties and Effective Energy Functions
General Integral Equations of Micromechanics of Composite Materials
Energy Methods in Themoelasticity of Composite Materials
Multiparticle Effective Field and Related Methods in micromechanics of Random Structure Composites.- Generalization of the Multiparticle Effective Field Method in Static of Random Structure Matrix Composites
Periodic Structures and Perioid Structures with Random Imperfections
Nonlocal Effects in Statistically Homogeneous Random Structure Composites
Stress Fluctuations in Random Structure Composites
Random Structure Matrix Composites in a Half-Space
Effective Limiting Surfaces in the Theory of Nonlinear Composites
Nonlinear Composites
Some Related Problems
Multi-scale Mechanics of Nanocomposites.

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