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convert ANSYS results to ABAQUS or LS-DYNA results.


 I use FEMFAT to predict the fatigue life of welded structures. FEMFAT can take the effect of plastic strain on fatigue life but the stress results should imported from ABAQUS or LS-DYNA. Since I've simulated the welding process in ANSYS, I want to know that is there any way to convert ANSYS results(file.RST) to ABAQUS(file.ODB) or LS-DYNA results(file.d3plot).


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You might be able to save yourself a lot of effort by using the ANSYS Fatigue module or ANSYS nCode DesignLife, which are both fully integrated with Mechanical or Structural. 


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Well, I disagree with Bence a bit. Femfat has a very interesting fatigue solution - it won several volumes of Weld Challenge prepared by SAE&FDE. I would not step aside because of the shear option to use another fatigue solver with the output format provided by ANSYS.

Also I guess that Behzad uses Femfat because it is available and is not able to use nCode product. I doubt if Ansys in its Fatigue module already has some particular solution for welded structures...

I regret I cannot help with this problem and do not know the solution. But I wonder that Femfat allows only these two import formats - are you sure? Have you tried to contact the support?



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