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Sequential change of some parts in a Abaqus input file and running the code for each.

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Hello everyone,

I am trying to run some simulation in abaqus, I need to change some input variables and run the code for new values and this should be an automatic process not by hand every time.

Now I want to check if there is any way to change some parts in a abaqus .inp (input) file (say the Forces or other BC's) and execute the code again in abaqus and store the results of each simulation.


Thanks in advace,


Dear Hidroxid,

You may conduct a parametric analysis in Abaqus. Use firstly the keyword *Parameter in the input file and create another file with the same name as the input file and the extension *.psf, which is written in Python. The Python commands for scripting parametric studies are discussed in section 17.1.1 "Scripting Parametric Studies" of the Abaqus 6.10 Analysis User's Manual. About the execution look at section 3.2.6 of Abaqus 6.10 Analysis User's Manual "Parametric studies". About the parameters of the input file that can be parameterized and about the ways of parameterization look at section 1.4.1 of the Abaqus 6.10 Analysis User's Manual "Parametric input". 

Best regards,

George Papazafeiropoulos
First Lieutenant, Infrastructure Engineer, Hellenic Air Force
Civil Engineer, M.Sc., Ph.D. candidate, NTUA


I am not sure if your question was about stages or just parametric study. 

For parametric study is described in previous comment I just say about stages:


If you need to change part of model geometry or material during the stages of analysis you need to use field variables. 

Search "field variables"in the manual.

Also search for "change materials properties during the steps" in internet.


The software my company develops and distributes, HEEDS MDO , can do what you're looking for very easily. We have direct interfaces to Abaqus, so we can quickly and easily make changes to the model and read data from the results files automatically. You can just run a few different sets of parameter values (Process Automation), or you can take advantage of our world-leading optimization capabilities. We also have a full set of Design of Experiments and Reliability and Robustness study capabilities.

Check it out if you're interested. We have low rates for Universities, and love to see our software used in Academia.

My Company - Red Cedar Technology

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Thanks everybody for your answers,

George Papazafeiropoulos, I used your suggested parametric study and I think it is the best idea for running a series of input files that all have a same template.

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