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drawing complex shapes

hi everyone

can anybody pleases tell me if i can draw a complex shape in other programs (e.g. autocad) and then import it to abaqus.

i don`t know how to draw a complex shape directly via abaqus.


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   Try to import the model on Abaqus .So far as I know Abaqus directly does not interface  with auto cad.I request you try to make the model in Abaqus.

Thank you.

  1.  CAD programs such as pro-E, solidworks, catia, etc. Draw the model and import in abaqus as supported formats (e.g. sat, stp, iges, etc.)
  2. Draw 2D sketches in autocad and import as .dxf file.
  3. 3rd party packages such as patran, femap, hypermesh, etc. where the whole modeling can be done.
  4. In abaqus, there is no geometry than can not be prepared (atleast in my experience). All geometries follow same mathematical curve definitions (it's just the ease of access that varies from program to program). Abaqus CAE is quite cabale of making any shape if you just plan a little bit.


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You can make any type of model in Abaqus/CAE.

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