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User defined failure criteria in abaqus

I am an Aerospace Engineer working at Advanced Composite Division of National Aerospace Laboratory, Bangalore.

I use Abaqus for stress analysis of composite structures.

Abaqus has five inbuilt failure
criteria for composite materials(Tsai-Hill, Tsai-WU etc.) whose contour
plots are shown by requesting output of a field variable called

I would like to know if it is
possible to request a contour plot of  a user-defined failure criteria
(which is not inbuilt in abaqus).

Is there a way that I can
input/type in the expression for a user-defined failure criteria in
abaqus GUI? And request its output like any other field variable so that
I can make contour plots of that Failure Index to locate hot spots in
the composite structure.

Thank you.



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Hello Sathvik,


you name it: user-defined failure criteria

 By definition this requires user-defined code. Commonly this is done by defining a state variable for the damage. Check the subroutine manual chapters USDFLD and UMAT (if you want to code the entire constitutive law). The state variables SDV can be represented in GUI like stress or other quantities.

Good luck



My addition to Frank's and Simon's (in the ABAQUS Yahoo! Group) suggestions is to look at UDMGINI. 

you can find a tutorial and the usdfld subroutine in the following link

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