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Is nuclear power safe for humans and the environment?

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Go Nuclear! Go Nuclear!! Go Nuclear!!!

My answer is an emphatic ‘yes.'

Radiation is part of our natural environment and
we can leave with it
. We are all exposed to radiation from rocks and
the soil (Readers Digest, March 2005).Presently, Mother earth is in trouble,
every time we click a light switch or start a car, something sinister happens.
From power stations chimneys and car tail-pipes, immense release of greenhouse
gases (carbon dioxide) are pumped into the sky polluting the environment causing
overheating. This overheating is nearing its threshold and which could cause
climate change. The benefit of using Nuclear energy is overwhelming and it is
safe, clean and effective. France for example generate 78% of it power through
Nuclear reactors, thus reducing CO
2 pollution by 90% without any significant health related issues.

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