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Prof. Wei Yang to present Calvin W. Rice Lecture at ASME IMECE 2012

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Calvin W. Rice Lecture
9:45am- 11:00am, Tuesday, November 13
Wei Yang, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China 
Presentation Title: Dynamic Growth of Research Universities in China

The development of Chinese universities has taken a nonconventional path, largely due to the dynamic nature for the advancement of higher education in China, and to the less-matured R&D status in China. The rising of Chinese research universities can be exemplified by C9, a consortium of 9 research universities. The education and research data of C9 will be presented, in comparison with those of AAU, Go8, and RG20. Special attention will be paid to the dynamics of those data. General correlation with the progression on national statistics in education and R&D will also be indicated. The case of Zhejiang University will be presented for more concrete information. The development of mechanical engineering in several major universities of China will be briefly addressed.


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Dear professor Xiao,


Thanks for your information. I believe this presentation will be very successful. However, my university is not one number of C9.

 Chuancheng Duan 

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