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What Steps to be used to analyse a Monopile foundation(offshore)

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Hi Everyone,

              I am working on ABAQUS 6.8.  Please help me to do the analysis steps used for a
Monopile foundation( offshore). There are two parts in this model one is
soil of half-cylinder having diameter 90m and depth 45m, anotrher is
monopile of diameter 7.5m, thickness 9cm. Monopile is inserted in soil
upto 30m and 6m length of monopile is above the soil. Whole foundation
is under sea. There are two loads to be applied in this model, one is
vertical load of 10Mn and another is horizontal load due to wave 8Mn at
the monopile. At first, for the generation of initial stress state the
whole model area is discritized using soil elements only. Subsequently,
the monopile is generated by replacing the soil elements located at the
pile position by steel elements and activating the contact condition
between pile and soil. Then the vertical load is applied and finally the
horizontal load is applied and increased step by step. Please help me
what steps to be used here. 

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