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A Postdoc Position Available

A postdoc position is available in Dr. Qi’s group in the
Mechanical Engineering Department at University of Colorado Boulder starting
from April, 2013. The project will involve mechanics and design of polymer
composites. Candidates should have strong background in solid mechanics,
physics and constitutive modeling of polymers, and computational mechanics. Interested
candidates should send his/her CV together with a list of 2-3 references to


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Dr. Qi,

 Have you already found a postdoc to fill this position? I have experience in polymer mechanics and constitutive modeling of dry and water saturated polymers using micromechanics and poromechanics.  In particular, I worked on modeling diffusion, swelling and mechanical behavior under unconfined compression.  I also have experience with experimental techniques for characterization such as DMA, FTIR and Raman.

 I had emailed you my CV along with 2-3 references about 2 weeks back

Thank you for your time.



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Yuanxiang Sun

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