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my invention of water-fueled internal combustion engine needs help of prototype making

Re: An water-fueled internal combustion engine invention needs your help of building prototype from skillful mechanical engineering I am an inventor and believing I have invented an internal combustion engine able to run by consuming water as the only fuel. I believe it is the solution of crisis of fossil fuel shortage, global warming, air pollution and contamination problems by burning of water instead of burning of fossil fuel. I need some skillful engineer to help me to build the first prototype. I have put down rewards for anybody come to help and successfully to bring my invention come to reality. Everything is inside my web-site I wish you can have a look on my web-site see whether you have such interests. Followings is an extract from web-site

Jack Tse’s Invention of double fueled internal combustion engine:1/ Fig. 11 is an engine cylinder (1) with cylinder head (2), piston (3),two fuel inlets (4 and 5), and a partition wall (6) is built to separate combustion chamber into two parts.2/ Fig. 12 shows two fuels H2 and H2O are filled into two non-communicable chambers formed by partition wall (6) with pressure (variables of pressure is required).

3/ Fig. 13 shows H2 is ignited to explode and powerful enough to push piston (3).
4/ Fig. 14 shows H2O is combusted by explosion of H2 under right proportion, pressure and combustion time. (Acetylene or other stable combustible gases are recommended to replace hydrogen H2 for safety measure in early demonstrations) 

5/ Measure and compare different explosion power of hydrogen and H2O and H2 are necessary for further process

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