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Stay on top of your articles with ReadCube

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The easiest way to stay on top of the literature in your field.

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no secret that one of the biggest tasks you face in the lab has little
to do with pipettes or beakers. Just staying on top of the latest
research can be a full time job by itself. Luckily, there's a way to
make life so much simpler.

Introducing ReadCube, your new
literature assistant. It's the easiest way to read, annotate, search and
discover your scientific literature.

Find new papers fast
Find new papers fast with built-in PubMed and Google
Scholar™ search, and go directly to the PDF with a single click.
Get personalized article recommendationsReadCube finds the latest research for you, with daily recommendations based on what you're already reading.

Your personal article collection
Build a library of your existing PDFs with one click.
Your articles are now full-text searchable for easy reference.
The best reading experienceGo beyond the text with hyperlinked references, bundled supplements and annotation tools.

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Save time. Never miss an important paper again.

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