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Crack movie

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I would like to ask if any one knows, what program I could use to make some *.avi movie from crack made in FRANC3D? I saw a movie called gear_movie.avi, which I found on Cornell www site and I would like to make similar movie. I'm writing a master thesis on subject in which I have to visualizate a crack.

Please help me!

Michael Borowicz 

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I think someone posted a link to CamStudio - you can google and download it. It lets you capture a video of anything on your screen, including audio. And it is free to use too.

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Thank You for Reply.

The problem is that my problem is not in capturing something from the screen. I would like to create a movie from Franc Files, because Franc shows only the results. I do not know how to create the movie and which program gives that opportunity. Sorry for my english. I hope You understand my post.

Best regards

Michael Borowicz

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Hi there,

I dont really know the franc files but in movies i created for propagation of waves in a domain with a crack, i used matlab for that. If you know the displacement field or stress field, i could provide you with the matlab code for that.



I have not used Franc3D but just looked up the documentation.

For other readers: Franc3D is Cornell's FRacture ANalysis Code. Apparently, it gives an IDE like environment from within which to manage the tasks like solid modeling, crack initiation, analysis and propagation of the crack etc. Apparently, for stress analysis, an external solver can be plugged in, and it seems like Franc3D can support both BEM and ANSYS's FEM solver for such a plugging in. It was not clear to me if Franc3D itself can provide post-processing or not (I only read the tutorial slides--not detailed documentation.)

Michael, there are two separate tasks. In the description below, I assume that you use a Windows PC.

(1) Convert a Franc3D results file to a bitmap (.BMP) file. Here, seek the help of a local expert. May be, it will be necessary for you to first load your result files in a second post-processor (e.g. one supplied by ANSYS). In any case your objective is to obtain BMP files in a consistent manner. Note, you will have to create a series of such result files, each of which will become a frame in the movie. Together, they will show the progress in crack propagation.

(2) The second task then is to convert this series of .BMP files into a .AVI movie file.

Here, just do a search on Google: "BMP to AVI movie" and you will get links to a lot of free software.

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You’re doing very interesting work! I recorded more than 10 dynamic fracture movies using a high-speed camera when I was a Ph. D. student at Caltech.  If you wish, maybe we can make a comparison. My movies can be found from IMechanica:


Or my website

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I've visited Your website and it's really impressive. I hope I can contact You when I have some intresting results.

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