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Dear Marc specialist users Colleague:

I am developing an user material subroutine (HYPELA2) in Msc Marc (Marc Mentat2012.1.0, Windows platform, 64bit).
I am trying to make a write inside in Hypela2.f routine, but it doesn't work.
I have used the file number unit 6, for example,  write(6,*) ' Hello' , but
no any results in the standard output file. Otherwise, the Hypela2 works properly.
Does anyone have any suggestions how can I write out any data from Hypela2.f?


Hi Leslie

 You need to request that hypela2 be called from the HYPOELASTIC data file command (see Volume C for details), or from Mentat via Materials> Hypoelastic> Hypela2

As soon as you do this, though, you will need to populate hypela2 with meaningful code so as to provide a modulus matrix for the elements that the material is assigned to. See Volume D for more details

 All the best


Dear Andy,


I have tried it, and it is works!!

Thanks a lot. Your advise was very helpful.



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