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Cutting process simulation in Abaqus

Hello ,

 I am working on a project using abaqus to
simulate miling process. As the first stage, I have to be able to simulate cutting process in Abaqus. I have looked up Abacus 6.11 documentaion a lot but did not find too much of usefull information. Could any one kindly give some hints how to develop such model or introduce me some usefull complete resources?




i can help you in 2D orthogonal cutting (turning process) in abaqus. I you want you can mail to

Hello Friends,

I just started learning how to develope a VUMAT subroutine for Abaqus ,but ,unfortunately, it seems pretty complicated to understand the codes. I have already reviewd some PDFs and the Abaqus Help, and it helped abit but still I have problem with understanding the code. Could any body give me a hint about VUMAT or reffer me to some good resources to study?

 Thanks a lot,


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