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A question on linear materials in large strain analyses

Hi there,

 I came across the following question on another website, which I found intriguing:

<...> what happens if a linear material is used within a non-linear, large-strain analysis in commercial codes such as ABAQUS, MARC?
I can think about two options:
1) linear strain measure is used in the material law for the linear materials
2) the linear material is "interpreted" as a non-linear material: by replacing linear strain with Green strain and insiting on a linear stress-strain relationship one would end up with a Saint-Venant-Kirchoff material
The problem is that both are unsatisfactory: the first would not accout for rotation, while the second will give unphysical behaviour incompression!
What happens them say in ABAQUS?The problem must be well known in practice, as similar analyses must be quite common, thinking of steel-reinforced rubber bellows, etc. hence I trust a solution has been found.
In principle one could easily derive hyperelastic constants for a Neo-Hookean material to match in the small strain regime a linear material, would this not be the most consistent approach?

 Can anybody answer this doubt?

 Thank you very much


I, too, am interested in learning more (and in as many surrounding but relevant details as possible!) about the issues thrown up by this question. (However, about the first option, I don't think I really got what the questioner meant, here.)


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