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Postdoctoral Position Opening at Stanford University

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Prof. Wei Cai at the Mechanical Engineering Department of Stanford University is seeking a postdoctoral researcher to contribute to the ParaDiS program (  This is a large scale parallel program for dislocation dynamics simulations for metal plasticity.  A suitable candidate should have strong backgrounds on numerical methods and parallel programming, as well as solid mechanics and/or materials science.  Prior experience with dislocation dynamics and/or molecular dynamics simulations is highly desirable.  To apply, please email Prof. Wei Cai <> a CV and provide 2-3 names as references.


Dear Wei,

Two short-to-answer questions. ... On the second thoughts, let's make it three. ... Or, four:

1. Is an existing US [Ah!] visa / US [Ah! Ah!!] Green Card / US [Ah! Ah!! Ah!!!] Citizenship / US [Ah! Ah!! Ah!!! ... (\infty *! [?]) ] Security Clearance required?

2. If it is in the Open Source domain, why do you at all need people to be in Stanford? (i) Why not consider the Open Source i.e. free model, also for development, and, if not that, then: (ii) why not at least consider remote work, say by (paid) contract?

3. I was also wondering if you personally or your department in general, or your more general area (i.e. the S.F. Bay Area) have any issues with the idea of employing old programmers, say those who are 51 year old, and, despite being Indians, not only have frequently changed jobs and have had issues with the HR and the Unix/Java folks in the past but also are singles? ... I was wondering (about any possible issues) not just in the official sense---I know the official answer---but rather in the real sense.... 

4. Your MIT PhD and Stanford employment, together, further suggest one more critical question: Are you OK about employing an Indian who (a) was not given any suitable job in 2001 in the SF Bay Area, not even by Kanwal Rekhi and his friends (JPBTIs [JEE Pass B Tech IITians] or otherwise), (b) subsequently _has_ obtained a PhD but only from an Indian university, not a US one, and that too, not from an IIT/IISc.

Please come back, if you will. My human readable email ID in case you wish to keep the entire correspondence confidential (within the limits of the confidentiality afforded by emails, that is) is [no spaces and special characters etc.]: a j 1 7  5 t p <//at//}  y a  h oo >|d Ot< CO {and it's another dOt [again]} in <don't forget the last part>. The nature of your reply will allow me to decide whether to get interested in this job or not. Thanks in advance.



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I can answer some of the questions that may be of general interest. 

1. This is a regular postdoc appointment at Stanford.  At Stanford, as in any major universities, we have students and postdocs from all over the world.  Nationality is not a concern. Of course, valid visa/immigration status is required for foreign nationals to work or study in the US.

2. ParaDiS is indeed in the Open Source domain.  However, we simply don't have the man power to organize it as other open source projects (I think I know what you mean).  I see the need to solve certain major technical challenges in the near future.  My plan is to work on these challenges with graduate students and postdocs in my group, as well as a few close collaborators.  Perhaps in the future it can be managed as an open source project.

For other inquries, please contact me by email.

Dear Wei,

Good... Thanks.

I will download the software and have a look at it before I apply, but guess I already find the position pretty interesting. ... Will apply by email as soon as I make up my mind, which should be pretty soon (and, of course, I presume here that Stanford can do the necessary visa processing).



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