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Modelling of carbon nano tube(cnt) with matrix in ANSYS APDL

Dear all,

      I am doing research on 'failure analysis of CNT based composite
using FEA'. I have modelled cnt in ansys with manual meshing but it is
terminating the solution giving error as "One or more elements
have become highly distorted.  Excessive distortion of elements is
usually a symptom indicating the need for corrective action elsewhere. 
Try incrementing the load more slowly   (increase the number of substeps
or decrease the time step size).  You may need to improve your mesh to
obtain elements with better aspect ratios.  Also consider the behavior
of materials, contact pairs, and/or constraint equations.  If this
message appears in the first iteration of first substep, be sure to
perform element shape checking

 Can anyone tell me how to solve this problem


Nilesh Patil

student: M.Tech

Indian Institute of technology,Guwahati 

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