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load effect in ansys

hi everyone;

we know that axial load effect on dynamic responses of structur ( for example comparsion axial load decreas frequencies) and Modal analysis does not depend on load too.

i want to obtain dynamic responses for simply supported beam under axial load. How do modal analysis in the presence of axial load in ansys (How apply effect of axial load)???

plz help me




perhaps what i understood from your question , is that you are intrested in evaluate the nonlinearity effect. please note these comments are purely from my understanding, and  refer to proper references for your problem ( e.g ANSYS Ref:  ANSYS Theory manual, ANSYS Advanced analysis guide, FEA reference : Concepts and applications of FEA, Robert cook, Nonlinear FEA of solids and structures, Crisfield. )

considering loading scenario, you may have static axial load or dynamic axial load.

for dynamic axial load, as a thumb rule you may neglect its effect in case, the frequency ratio of component frequency to forcing frequency is greater or equal to five ( i.e. force is more or less static or quasi static in nature, without exciting the mass effect of beam), if not, then carry out a transient analysis

for static load, you may see change in modal result, in case any nonlinearities are present. as to elaborate, if you are checking for buckling load, for high variation in geometric stiffness ( large displacement problem will depend on material of your beam) or the load is itself high, so that beam responds in post yielding region, in that case probably you can carry out pre stressd analysis, keeping large deformation on / off  ( please check, how you give input to material model i.e. bilinear, multilinear etc for convergence related issues )


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